Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hodge Podge of deals I know about...........

I admit I have not had a HUGE amount of time this week to shop. There are many Christmas functions for work that have been eating up my lunch hours, so I have been limited. The good thing is, there really are not a great amount of deals this week.

If you have more time than I do, perhaps you can find some of these and take advantage of them:

I did take the time to order these really cute ruby red slippers, I mean Crocs for my oldest

Crocs is having a 30% off sale on all outlet shoes. In addition to this sale, there are several codes out that apparantly can be stacked together.
You can use DEALMOM20 to get 20% off
MYCOUP20 for another 20% off
C6VMRVKY3ISA for another 10% off

If you pick ground shipping, it is free. I got this pair of Crocs for Zoey for only $6.04! I also wanted to get another pair of Juneau Crocs, but they didn't have any more brown in my size :(

Thanks Mercedes for the heads up


Lubriderm is 20% which should make the 6 oz $3.03 each.(my store this size was NOT on sale)
If you still have $2 coupons from 10-11 RP
Also, there is a $1 Lubriderm Wags coupon in the Diabetes booklet found in the pharmacy
This would make them .03 each if you can find them and they are on sale at your store

Comtrex are $5.99
Use the $3 coupon from 11-1SS. Also there is a $3 coupon in December Wags coupon booklet. Makes it free with .01 overage(my store the Wags coupon came up not on file)

Puffs are .89 with in ad coupon. If you got the $1 home mailer(not sure where you had to sign up for this, but I got it) you can get one FREE

John Frieda Root Awakening $5.99. Print the $2 and $5/2 IP .
There is a coupon page handout you might be able to find at your Walgreens that has a $3 coupon. This will make it just .99 or .98/2 respectively.

Huggies are $8.99 and earn $2 RR
Use $1.50 from 11-15 SS. Combine with the $1 off coloring book coupon
Makes them $4.49 after RR and send in for .75 caregiver rebate

Today and tommorrow are friends and family day. If you become a fan of Walgreens on facebook, you can print a 15% coupon. Not sure how this will alter the math of the deals.(I will try to test and report back)

If you can combine these deals in one transaction, you should be right about at $25 and can earn the $5 RR for purchasing $25 worth

*By my stores pricing and calculations:
Lubriderm $3.99 -$3
Comtrex $5.99 - $6
Puffs $.89*(not sure pre-ad coupon price) - .89
John Frieda $5.99 - $5
Huggies $8.99 -$2.50
Price before any coupons $25.85
Potential friends and family savings -$3.88
Price after coupons $8.46($4.58 with friends and family), earn $7 in RR and you can still get .75 from Caregiver


Disney's Blu-Ray/DVD combo of the movie GForce is on sale for $22.99(my store was out so I got a raincheck)
Print the $10 coupon from Disney here
Print the $5 off any Blu-Ray over $5 from the Target website
Pay $ 7.99 to get the movie on Blu-Ray and DVD!

I will add to this post as I get the data together(I have it written all over the place, lol)


Fun times with the Larsen's said...

With the John Frieda Deal, there is a coupon that was in the 10/11 SS that is buy John Frieda shampoo AND conditioner and get a FREE John Frieda styling product!! I had an almost $9.00 MM with those today!! Crazy!

Anonymous said...

also- gforce is on sale at walmart for 19.96
and target price matches so people are getting them for 4.96!!! ymmv...

Anonymous said...

DEALMOM20 did not work for me but the others did THANKS !!

Ashley B. said...

the root awakening was $6.99 at my! I'm planning to go to a different one today to see if prices are any different - and I'm in Houston.

Anonymous said...

DEALMOM20 didn't work for me either, but the others did.

Thank you!

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