Monday, May 16, 2011

Walmart Update to Price Matching - Now BOGO's are allowed!!!!!

WOW! It is so refreshing to have a company that is actually listening to their customers (are you taking notes Kroger?)
Walmart's old price match policy did not allow for price matching on buy 1 get 1 free sales and I guess all the calls by consumers got their attention.  Walmart has revised their policy to now include that they DO price match bogo sales as long as the sales ad has a price listed!
Example:  Ad says buy 1 body wash @ $4.99 get 1 free WILL be price matched
Ad says buy 1 body wash get 1 free will NOT be price matched
 Yippee!!!!!  Walmart is just make my shopping easier and easier.  You can print the new policy here.

Thanks Sarah for the heads up!

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panaMOM said...

Wonder if they will match it as a 1/2 off each or a true BOGO...

panaMOM said...

Wonder if it will be an each item for 1/2 or a literal BOGO...

no longer stalked said...

I must be on the wrong site, ZM saying nice stuff about WM. How have you been?

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