Sunday, May 29, 2011

Reader deal - Cheap Cutter at HEB

This deal was emailed to me from a reader, thanks so much Becky!
Well, as most of you know it is mosquito season and we can ALL use some bug repellent if we are gonna be outdoors for ANY amount of time.

Well, lucky for us, HEB keeps showing us the LOVE with their wonderful yellow coupons. They seem to be coding more and more of these B which means we can use a manufacturer coupon with them.

Well. as you can see from the picture above, they have a few  Cutter for just $3.98.
Use the yellow B coupon pictured to get $1 off then combine with the $2 IP  and you got yourself insect repellent for only .98!

Thanks again Becky for emailing this deal(it did take me 3 HEBS to find this yellow coupon, I would have never looked for it had it NOT been for your email!)

*More HEB deals to follow (I went on a shopping spree today)
don't understand my lingo? Go here. see my disclosure statement here.


Kristin said...

There's a big HEB in my area that has a wall o yellow coupons. I'm seriously thinking about hitting them up once a month.

Joann said...

I just got back from HEB with this deal. I got 4 for $.99 each. HEB in Pearland also has a lot of beauty products on clearance. I got 3 Jergens Natural Glow for $1.00 each ( clearance for $3 and used (3) $2.00 coupons from 5-15-11.)

Fun times with the Larsen's said...

Always glad to help out! It's the least I can do after all the deals you find for us! :)

ILUV2SHOP247 said...

There's also a $1.50 MQ 5/22 RP so $1.49 AC

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