Friday, May 27, 2011

Batteries, Ice Cream and Tampons oh my!

Sounds like a weird combination but hey, if you can get them all this cheap, wouldn't you?
This is basically playing on the same deal I posted here, just changing it up a bit.
There is a new $3/2 coupon for Playtex Gentle Glide tampons. 
So, find 3 of the 8 pack of AA or AAA Energizer batteries with the promo for $10 gift card or PP (pictured in prior post here).  Get your free ice cream with purchase of the batteries with the yellow coupon at the store.  Throw in 2 boxes of tampons and you have the perfect (albiet weird combo)

3 battery 8 packs $5.97 each = $17.91
2 Playtex tampons $4.21 each = $8.42
3 Ice cream $4.48 each = $13.44
1 $10 HEB gift card

-$13.44 (3 yellow coupons for free ice cream)
-$3 (3 $1 Energizer insert coupons (5-22 or 5-1 SS)
-$3/2 (playtex IP)
-$10 (Yellow coupon for free HEB gift card wyb $25 worth of participating products)
Final price at register : $20.33 + tax

BUT you have a $10 HEB gift card and you will get a $10 from your battery purchase(see prior post!)
So basically you pay
.33 and the tax and you have the perfect combo for that pesky monthly visitor ;P

don't understand my lingo? Go here. see my disclosure statement here.


Anonymous said...

I received my $10 in my PayPal account 1 week after entering in the code.

Fun times with the Larsen's said...

I can't find any of the batteries with codes on them. :(

Amy said...

My HEb didnt have the Qp's to getthis deal.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Fun time - I had to dig to find ones with codes. At some stores they have little battery displays next to the end caps and I have been finding the coded ones there too.

Amy - every store I have gone to has had the YQ's. Which ones are you not able to find? I found the free ice cream ones near the ice and the batteries. The $10 gc ones I have found next to batteries, razors, tampons and baby aisle.

Allie said...

Does this deal end tomorrow?

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