Saturday, May 14, 2011

Free KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce and a few other good finds - HEB

I stopped into my HEB today to check out a meal deal I heard about.  WOW was I excited when I found a few other deals too!
First, I noticed the KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce on sale for $1 a bottle!  Cha Ching, that makes them FREE with the coupon in tomorrow's paper (we get the early edition in Houston!)
Second, I noticed in the clearance section, they had some John Frieda Root Awakening shampoo and conditioner on clearance for $2.98.  We have $3/1 coupons from the 5-1 SS making these FREE!

And finally,  the meal deal is a pretty good deal if you eat lots of sandwiches(we each have a sandwich most days for lunch x 4)
Buy Oscar Mayer lunch meat and Kraft Singles and get free with YQ(see lingo here)
Kraft mayo
Corn nuts
HEB macaroni and cheese
Mrs Baird's small white loaf

Well, there is a concurrent deal going where if you buy Mrs Baird's small white loaf, you get HEB Bakeshop white loaf free as well with another YQ.

So, for the cost of lunch meat ($2.88-$3.39 depending on variety) and Kraft Singles($2.50)  you get just about all the fixin's for a sandwich and some sides!  Pretty smokin deal if you ask me!

(you can click on my picture and it will make it larger for your viewing pleasure)

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qrazyguy said...

Thanks for the info, I haven't had a lot of experience working over HEB yet, but I would like to try this deal. Can you use a MQ on the lunchmeat and/or the cheese and also use the yellow store Q's? Usually their combo loco/meal deals offer a bunch of junk for "free" that I don't really want or need but I could use the bread and the meat (not so crazy about the Kraft singles though, I prefer real cheese).

Ashley M. said...

Got some $1/2 Oscar Mayer coupons from the Oscar Mayer facebook page. Gonna use those on the deal as well. We needed some lunchmeat and cheese so this deal is perfect :) Always happy to get more free bbq sauce!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

You can try to use manuf qs on the items you are buying (I just didn't have any handy). I agree on the Kraft singles, was not too excited that you can only get the American slices too, blech, guess there will be lots of grill cheese sandwiches in our near future.

Christy In Spring said...

the HEB near me will not allow you to use Manuf q on the purchase items for the meal deal. It might be a YMMV thing but every time I go I get a different checker and they all say the same thing, "HEB does not allow it."

Cheri said...

Curious to Christy in Spring, which HEB location?

qrazyguy said...

Thanks for the info, everyone! I can give it a try. I was at Fiesta yesterday and picked up a Cinco de Mayo coupon book at the front of the store. There is a MQ in it for .50/1 Kraft 16 oz. cheese. There are $1/2 on the OM in today's paper. Assuming they let you stack the Q, can you do 2 meal deals in one transaction using the $1/2?

Kristin said... is backing the cashier up, if it's a M type coupon. The meatball deal was, too, but the coupons didn't beep and I had no problems.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

qrazy I went and tested it with the OM insert $1/2 and it worked just find. Wish I would have looked closer at my inserts yesterday before i ran the deal.

Christy in Spring said...

the Louetta and Stuebner airline store. Tried it with the $1/2 yesterday and they said no...what am i doing wrong I got 5 KC bbq and had to pay full price for the lunch meat...grrrr

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