Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cheap Batteries and Free Ice Cream at HEB

If you are in need of batteries, you might want to head over to HEB to score on a pretty decent deal.

Currently, HEB has a YQ for a free half gallon of Creamy Creation ice cream when you buy participating Energizer batteries.
They have another YQ for a free $10 HEB gift card when you buy any combination of $25 worth of Energizer Batteries, Schick Razors, Playtex Infant, Playtex tampons, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic or Wet Ones.(This is a B coupon so you can combine with manufacturer coupons per HEB's coupon policy)
They have a 3rd YQ for $1 off select size Energizer batteries (4 ct AA and AAA, 2 ct C and D and 1 ct 9V)

And finally, they have special packages with a little blue insert inside which can earn you a $10 debit card or $10 into your paypal account when you collect 3 codes (limit 4 rewards per household) See close up picture below:

Combining all this together, here is how the deal pans out:

3 Energizer AA or AAA 8 packs with promo card $5.97 = 17.91
2 Energizer 2 packs (I chose C but they also had D, AA or AAA for same price) $3.97 = $7.94
=$25.85 (thus qualify for $10 HEB gift card)
1 HEB gift card - get an HEB gift card and ask cashier to add $10 to it in your transaction
3 Creamy Creation ice creams $4.48 = $13.44

Now, these are the coupons needed:
3 YQs for Free Creamy Creation ice cream wyb Energizer(I found these both near the ice cream and near the batteries, only the 8 ct qualifies for this trans.) -$13.44

1 YQ for free $10 gift card wyb $25 worth of Energizer(I found these near the batteries) - $10

2 YQs for $1 off select Energizer (used for my 2 packs) -$2

3 $1 Energizer insert coupons 5-22 SS or 5-1 SS -$3

Total should be $20.85 plus tax. (mine was $22.57)

BUT now I have a $10 gift card to HEB and I will enter promo codes at to earn another $10 debit card making the final cost to me just $2.57!

Thanks SD for the heads up on the $10 promos :)

Edit to add: Humor me and keep your receipts

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Kristin said...

This did not work reliably for me. I did 5 transactions (I needed batteries, razors, sunblock, and playtex cups), but the only time the cat printed was for the batteries.

Also, when I went to roll the cat, it didn't work. YMMV, especially on this one. =/

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Kristin, the deal I posted does not involve a catalina.

Anonymous said...

so all i need is 3 energizer insert coupons and
the yellow coupons,
should i let them scan the mnf coupons first and then all the yellow coupons? also, will you update how you did/recieve the debit gift card.thanks so much

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

ANON, yes, you need at least 3 insert coupons. If you have 5, you can use 5, but since the YQ are so accessible, I try to use those where I can.
The order of your coupons does not matter. I did the deal 4 times(max per household for the debit card) and each time the coupons were in a different order, makes zero difference.

I submitted my codes using the website listed on the blue card and opted for the mailed prepaid card and got this message:
Thank you!
Your card will be mailed to you.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for
verification & processing.

Kristin said...

LOL, sorry. I just got through being frustrated with Catalina. =/ Delete if ya want. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't get it! Could you break it up?

Shana said...

Im sure this would work but could you split this into four transactions and use your 1st gift card on your next order and then that one on the next and so on . Is that what you did?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon what exactly do you need explained so I can try to help.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Shana if you mean do the deal four times paying with the ten dollar each time, yes that is exactly what I did.

You do have to purchase that complete scenario per transaction though to qualify for the gift card.

Each subsequent trans only costs you about twelve out of pocket and you can send for the prepaid card or go via paypal :)

Joann said...

I saw this post about 30 minutes ago and went to HEB in Pearland. Everything worked just as she posted. Thanks so much for the tips. Love your site.

Brittany said...

If anyone does this and selects paypal can you let us know how long it takes the $10 rebate to post to your account. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Joann - I also went to the HEB in Pearland tonight - the only yellow Q - I could find is the "Buy Energizer..get ice cream" - can you tell me where you found the other yellow Q's? Thanks in advance - Mercedes V.

Anonymous said...

I thought paypal would be quicker but it gave me the same response, 6-8weeks.

Joann said...

If you go to aisle 16 at the Pearland store, all of the coupons are there with the batteries.

Amanda said...

there were only 6 of the 8ct AA special $10reward packs at the 99 and 59 sugar land location (no AAA pks), and I only found the 6th pack when I doubled back to that area and rechecked behind the other batteries. Also the 4ct of AA & AAA were $3.57 and I could not locate any C or D 2ct pks which would have been nice for all the baby toys we have that eat them like candy lol, but the $3.57 for the 2pks of the 4ct brought the total to $25.05 instead of $25.85, which almost wasn't enough, thank god it was though! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this find!!
1 more thing, the $1 kc masterpiece bbq sauce is on sale for $1 so free after coupon. I also think it is good towards the marinade which is also $1 on sale, and when you buy the marinade you get the bbq sauce free with in store coupon, I'm not sure IF that would work????? I didn't get a chance to try since the shelf was all sold out

qrazyguy said...

Not sure if I want to jump on this deal since I don't really need more batteries, but the ice cream is tempting! lol

If you do want to max out the battery deal and buy all 12 then I think it would be cheaper to do 3 transactions total buying 4 of the special packs for 5.97 plus one smaller one for 3.97. By my calculations your OOP with tax would be about 24.74 and you would earn a $10 GC plus enough batteries for a $13.33 paypal payout (which would be my preferred way to get the money back, since from there you can transfer it back to your bank acct.) Overall cost is 1.41 per trans, or 4.23 total. (Compared to 2.57 per trans for 4 transactions, or 10.28 total)

Even better if you can find the cheaper battery packs for 3.57! Overall cost is .97 per trans or 2.91 total :D

Fun times with the Larsen's said...

You are the bomb! I've followed you for a very long time and you still don't fail to impress me! :) Awesome Awesome! How did you know I needed batteries? ;)

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, thanks so much for posting this deal. Finally found all the yellow Q's (thanks Joann) and headed to the registers. Cashier at the Pearland HEB made a point of loudly exclaiming "MAM, you CAN'T double on on HEB coupons for the same product. Her voice kept getting louder until I asked her to call the manager. Twenty minutes later the deal was complete just as you had posted. You Rock!!! Mercedes V.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

keep your receipt in a safe place Mercedes, the deal is going to get a little bit better, will post soon!

Courtney said...

Thank you for this deal! I'm am stocked up on ice cream for the boys birthday party next week! :)

Ajules said...

Does anyone know if this deal is still going on since the sales changed Wed????

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Ajules, the $1 YQ for energizer is expired, but the $10 gc and ice cream coupons are still good

Lindseyjarenjayden said...

Thank you so much Stephanie I the deal today you spelled everything out perfect and all but $1.00 off YQ's were there by batteries so I used all MQ BUT EVERYTHING WENT SMOOTH THANKS SO MUCH

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