Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Groupon Deal - Studio Movie Grill - two locations

Groupon has a pretty good deal for movie tickets today for Studio Movie Grill located in Town and Country or Jersey Village. For just $6, you will get a movie ticket and a soda. If purchased, you cannot use this voucher until June 3rd and have until July 28th to use it.
I have never been to Studio Movie Grill so I cannot say good or bad about them (I have received mix reviews from friends.)
I do know I have been to Alamo Draft House and while my husband really enjoys drinking tap beer during watching a movie, I refuse to go there for a movie that has lots of special effects or beautiful imagery. (Personally opinion and waiters walking around delivering food and drinks distracts from my enjoyment of the film). This however is a GREAT deal for those chick flicks that I force my husband to take me too (like Chocolat or the Lake House for instance :)

If anyone wants to share their personal experience about Studio Movie Grill, feel free to leave a comment (Keep them pc please).

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The Martin Family said...

We love love love SMG! My hubby and I go for date nights all the time...food is a bit more expensive but worth it when you have a hard time getting out of a restaurant to make it to a movie. We love the leather office chairs...so much better than traditional seats. I also take my kids on the weekends and during the summer for cheap movies. It's a fun outing! I'm definitely getting in on this Groupon - you can purchase an unlimited number. Woohoo!

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