Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rue La La - Rain Gear for cheap/free with your credit

Hey Readers, are some of you still hanging onto that $20 Rue La La credit you got from my post here? If you recall, that credit expires on 5/25. I have been stalking the Rue La La site waiting for something to spend my credit on, but nothing has been cheap enough for me after figuring in the almost $10 in shipping(hey I am super frugal!)
Well, today I noticed they added rain gear! I just ordered both kids an umbrella(one frog and one dinosaur) for only $3.75 after shipping! Yay!
*I am sure you could order just one for free!  They are 6.90 each, plus 9.95 shipping.  They also have rain boots as low as $15.90 (so 5.85 after shipping)
These items usually sell out quick so if you are interested in them, I would jump on them while in stock.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! Perfect timing, my kids' umbrellas broke on the same day (months ago, of course, we haven't had any rain since!) and I've been meaning to replace them.

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