Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Wisk at Kroger - first one per card $1 money maker

Well, there is a new ad out(this was not in it) and with that comes new deals. Apparantly reader Christina really likes to keep me up to date on the happenings at Kroger in Houston area(thanks for that Christina :)

This morning this picture got sent to me with the following information:

I read that Wisk was free at Kroger, but when I went yesterday it rang up $6.89.  Well today, I went back to get more Pampers wipes and noticed the Wisk was now marked $3.99 and I used the $2 insert (5-15 RP)
I purchased 3 and got 3 $2 OYNSO catalinas, so free.

Thanks Christina, I am sure my readers will enjoy your find :)

Also, I remembered seeing a $1 ecoupon from SavingStarSavingStar is an ecoupon site similar to Upromise, except you can cash in for gift cards.  Once you reach $5 savings in your account you can cash out through paypal, your bank account or even get an Amazon gift card.  You will not see the savings on your receipt, so using paper coupons has no impact on getting your reward.
You just simply need to go to SavingStar and register your card and then load the coupons.  Then shop and watch the totals add up(can take 7-30 days to show up in your account).  These are ONE time use like other ecoupons, so you will only earn the extra dollar on the first purchase of the item.
Make sure you return to SavingStar the first of every month to load your new SavingStar coupons as they do have internal limits and you might miss out if you don't load when they become available.
Currently only CVS and Kroger in Houston participate (for those in Dallas, Albertsons makes the list, I wish Randalls would be on the list)

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Susan K. said...

Stephanie - Do you know when the Wisk deal ends at Kroger ? Thanks!

Courtney said...

5/22 is when the cat ends for Houston.

Anonymous said...

Can I buy one and then use that cat to buy another one and still get a new cat?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, in my experience of Kroger ALL cats roll.

Susan, I read it ends 5-22 for our region

Anonymous said...

Ok so the price is 3.99-$2 coupon=1.99-$2.00=-.01
Do they adjust the cat coupon?

qrazyguy said...

I tried rolling this last night. The $2 cat doesn't take off tax like it should so you actually pay about .17 tax plus whatever filler you buy to take care of that penny. It does roll successfully though (i.e. you will get another $2 cat).

rocki_u said...

Great.. Just picked up 11 and will go an get more thanks guys :)

Anonymous said...

I purchased 3 tonight & cat didn't print out :(

Anonymous said...

i got some whisk but am wondering if anyone tried it before.. is it any good? i generally buy tide or purex

Kim said...

Does anyone know the dates on the catalina printing? I bought 3 last night and no catalinas. Would love to know if it is still running and how to contact company if it is still supposed to be working. Many thanks!

amy and the bad cats said...

KIM - it worked yesterday for me at two different krogers. i think yesterday was the last day (May 22). in my experience, many times a cashier's catalina machine is not working properly, out of paper, etc, and they don't bother to reset it or whatever, so then your cats don't print.

Kim said...

Anybody in DFW having a problem using CATs to pay for purchase. I tried to roll this deal by buying four Wisk, using four paper MFR q's, then using 3 CATs from previous order to bring down OOP. The cashier scanning at self-checkout (probably a mistake for me to check out there) said I was using seven q's on four items???? The store manager backed her up. I was a little steamed since I had just rolled one CAT on the previous trans (bought five Wisk and used five MFR and one CAT). Any insight?????

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