Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Money Maker deal on Rice Krispies at Randalls or Kroger - after rebates!

Ok, this deal is NOT for the faint of heart, lol.  This one requires a little work more than just buying the products.  From what I am being told, the sale price ends today as well, so you will need to jump on this NOW.

Randalls has Rice Krispies on sale for $1.99 (Kroger has them 1.98.)  Some boxes are specially marked with Cars2 promotional code (see picture above).  One of the items you can earn with these codes is a $5 gas card(actually just a prepaid Visa, so you don't just have to use it on gas).  With each set of 4 codes, you can earn the $5 gas card (up to a total of 30 codes per person.)
If you have been reading me for a while, you might also recall a $10 prepaid card rebate when you submit 10 upcs from participating cereals.(limit 5 per household)  It just so happens Rice Krispies is on the list of qualifying cereal for this promo as well.

SO, the way to optimize these deals combined is as follows:

Buy 20 boxes of Rice Krispies(I don't think Cocoa ones qualify) @ 1.98 each
-$1/2 insert 4-17 RP OR $1/2 IP
Pay $29.60 at the register,
but then mail off 2 $10 rebates and enter the 20 codes and select 5 $5 gas cards.
So final tally
$29.60 + cost of 2 stamps -$20 - $25 = Profit of 14.52

(you can also do other multiples such as :
Buy 4 = pay 5.92 at register, get $5 card = .92 for 4 boxes of cereal or .23 a box
Buy 8 = pay 11.84 at register, get 2 $5 cards = 1.84 for 8 boxes of cereal or .23 a box
Buy 10 = pay 14.80 at register, get $10 rebate and get 2 $5 cards = profit of 5.20 (less the stamp)
Buy 12 = pay 17.76 at register, get $10 rebate and get 3 $5 cards = profit of 7.24(less the stamp)
Buy 16 = pay 23.68 at register, get $10 rebate and get 4 $5 cards = profit of $1.32(less the stamp)

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Courtney said...

Thank you!!!! Got 10 tonight at Randalls!!! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Left the house without my coupons I was so excited. Ran the deal anyway 10 boxes @ 1.98=19.80 less 1 $10 GC and 2 $5 GC. So I'm out about $.25 for the rest of the stamp. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

all the stores I went to were all wiped out.. anyway, wait for next sale..

qrazyguy said...

I went to Randall's, none of the shelves were marked 1.99 but since it was late Tuesday night I figured the sale tags had already been removed. I picked up 12 of the smaller boxes (12 oz.) and the shelf tag said 2.50. I forgot to check the price at the register ad didn't realize until after I left that they rang up 2.50 each! I'm not sure what happened. Was I maybe supposed to get the larger boxes? Ugh!

I was so upset I quickly drove to 2 different Krogers to buy up as many of the 1.98 boxes I could find, so I could try to salvage the deal to get a decent MM. The second store was just one box short to get me the 28 I wanted so I got a Cocoa Krispies instead so I could use my $1/2 coupon and get another code.

So my trip went like:

Randall's - $24.00 for 12 boxes
Kroger #1 - $11.84 for 8 boxes
Kroger #2 - $11.84 for 8 boxes

Total OOP $47.68 receive $10 + $10 GC + 7 x $5 GC = $55.00

I need to get 2 more boxes of cereal in order to get a 3rd $10 GC.

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