Thursday, May 5, 2011

Walgreens run yesterday - great deal on Mr Clean Erasers

I had to hit Walgreens yesterday due to some register rewards expiring.  I didn't really need anything, so just tried to roll my register rewards into new ones so I will have them when I do run out of eggs or the like.
I went for sure ready to do the P&G deal(discussed more below) but had to tweek it a bit due to inventory at my store.  Here is what I ended up doing:

1 Noxema razors $3.99 - $2 insert 5-1 RP or IP
Cost at register: $1.99
Earn $3 RR
Final price: $1.01 money maker

2 Right Guard Deodorant $2.99 each - bogo insert 5-1 RP
Cost at register: $2.99
Earn $2 RR
Final price : 2 for .99
*The bodywash is on sale for bogo so free with coupon (my store was sold out)  I suggest asking for a raincheck!

3 Mr Clean Eraser 2 packs $1.94 each - $1.50 P&G 5-1 = $1.32
1 Febreze Set and Refresh $2.61 - $1 homemailer = $1.61
1 Febreze warmer $2.61
Earn $3 RR for purchasing $10 worth of participating items
Final price: $2.54 at store but the Febreze warmer has a $3.50 mail in rebate, so .96 money maker

Pens were just fillers.

A better scenarios with the Mr Clean if your store has better inventory:

4 Mr Clean erasers $1.94 each - $1.50 insert = $1.76
1 Febreze Warmer $2.61
Cost at register: $4.37
Earn $3 RR and $3.50 rebate
Final price: $2.13 money maker!


TJsSweetHome said...

I go regularly to two, sometimes three nearby Walgreens to especially get certain RR deals. Surprise, surprise! Many times they are out of the products. Even when I have the time and try to check back in to see if they have replenished the stock, no such luck. This happens regularly at my CVS stores and Randalls as well. I get so frustrated (putting it mildly) because I'm very SURE they are aware they are going to be having these deals so why don't they stock up? They can always sell any inventory that doesn't sell at the higher price when the sale/deal is over so...
Do you have the same problem or do you have a suggestion or solution?

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