Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Kandoo Toddler wipes - Kroger

Reader Christina just sent me this picture taken in her local Houston area Kroger Store. Looks like you can score 42 count Kandoo toddler wipes for feee with the $1 sale and 4-3 P&G insert.
(I hope Kroger decides to put this in the ad for price matching for the boycotters!)

Enjoy and thanks reader Christina for the picture.

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Ryan said...

YAY, thanks! I can't boycott b/c it is my corner store but i try to do minimal shopping there. Since today would be the last day of the sale, I ran over to grab some with my coupons. The shelves were packed full. Looks like people didn't even take advantage of the $1 price tags. Great find!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Ryan, it seems the tag says the sale goes until 5/29 so time to order coupons

Ryan said...

really!! yay!!

Coupon Newbie said...

So far I've gone to 3 different Kroger stores in my area and they're all sold out (from the 2nd day of the sale on). One of them even had the nerve to tell me that since it wasn't in the sale ad, they can't give me a rain check! The local Walmart won't price match unless you have an ad either. I'm so frustrated!

Oh, and I've called Kroger Corporate on them and was put on hold for a looooooong time. I finally found out the manager would've given me a rain check had I asked for him. Ugh.

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