Sunday, May 1, 2011

Noxema $2 printable coupon - Better than free at Walgreens

This week Walgreens has Noxema disposable razors for $3.99 and earn $3 register reward. Use this $2 coupon and you have yourself a $1.01 moneymaker. (Thanks Hip2Save)

Also, while printing your Noxema coupon, you might want to print the $1 Temptations coupon. Should make for free cat treats with a sale.


Charlene said...

This coupon is also in the 5/1 RP!!

Leah said...

I hate to ask a stupid question, but is this the actual coupon? The reason why I asked is because I printed it out, went to walgreens & my cashier looked at & said this isn't a real coupon there's no bar code on it. So I just turned & left without my razors.

Thanks! :)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Leah, if you went to redplum and clicked print coupon, yes it is a valid coupon(I couldn't get mine to print for some reason- computer issues)

catintx said...

Leah, you can't print the coupon on this website, you have to go to the coupon site and print it from there.

Leah said...

Just to let you now I went to Walgreens & picked up some razors (paid full price because I couldn't get the coupon to print & I needed razors BADLY especially with 3 teenage girls). I also got the $3 register reward.
So I looked in the package & noticed that there WAS a $2 off coupon inside the package (like I had read on here). so, I went back in with both coupons in hand, got another pack went to the cashier picked up 2 skinny cow candies that ere at the register & walked out of there with a pack of razors & 2 candies paying only $.40

It may be small, but it was my first time doing it & I was pretty excited!

(The only sad part is I didn't get another $3RR)
But I did it & can't wait to do my next transaction! =)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Leah, awesome! The only down side with Walgreens is that you cannot use the register reward to pay for a transaction that will trigger a new RR for that same promo
Ex: On your Noxema, you cannot use the Noxema razor coupon to buy more Noxema and get another RR. However,you could use the $3 Noxema to do the Right Guard deal, then roll that back into Noxema. Does this make sense?

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