Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gerlands Grand Market

In Sugar Land, there is a store called Grand Market. It used to be a Gerland's and still has the name Gerland's on the building. It is typically an overpriced grocery store so I only good when I am near the area and only really to scout out for blinkies I cannot find elsewhere. Well, yesterday I stopped in and they are tripling .50 and under coupons for a limited time(didn't have a date listed) The catch: They will only triple one like coupon and you cannot use internet printables. Also, you do not get overage(coupons adjust down to the cost of the item)
Well, I got the 7 items above for .36 after coupons.
Here is the breakdown:
Worchestershire sauce .99 - .50 insert 5-10SS = free
Casa Fiesta refried beans .89 -.25 taped to can = .14
Lipton tea bags $1.09 - .50 insert 5-17 RP = free
Dawn liquid $1.49 - .50 homemailer = free
Cling free sheets $1.79 - .50 insert 6-7SS = .29
Tony's pizza $1.25* - .50 insert 6-7SS = free
Kraft 2% cheese $1.50* - .50 tearpad = free
Tax -.07
Total paid .36

*The cheese and pizza rang up a different price than the shelf tag so manager came over and manually entered those. He then had to manually enter the coupons for them as well, hence the negative tax.


Kristin said...

There's a Gerland's Food Market near Deer Park that does the same thing. I was in there a few weeks ago just to see what I could get for cheap, but they were WAY overpriced for their dry goods. I may give it a second look based on your trip, though. :)

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