Monday, July 6, 2009

Randalls- Milk Catalina promo, profit on Huggies

Randalls has a catalina promo going through tommorrow, 7-7-09. Buy 3-5 boxes of GM cereals and get a catalina for gallon milk up to $4.50, buy 6+ and get two catalinas for free gallon milk up to $4.50 each. I had several $1/1 Cheerios coupons for signing up at their website over a month ago(You signed up and they sent you a new link each week to print $1 off regular Cheerios). Also, Cheerios are on sale for $2, so I thought this would be the cheapest way to do this deal. Of course, before I left, I made sure my Randalls card was 100% loaded up with Shortcuts and Cellfire coupons!

(At Randalls, it appears ALL loadables for an item come off if you buy just the min required of the item, so it is VERY VERY important to load ANY/ALL coupons of products you might even remotely consider buying. These coupons usually become unavailable to load weeks before they expire)

I walked the store to find items I could purchase that would provide overage by combining loadables with paper coupons. Here is what I scored:

5 Cheerios $2 each - 3 $1/1 Cheerios and 1 $1/2 Cheerios (printables emailed to me)= $6

1 Total cereal $2 - .75 cellfire - .75 homemailer = $.50

2 Fruit roll ups $2.50 each - FREE wyb 3 GM cereals peelies - 2 .50/2 cellfire - .50/2 shortcuts = -$1.50

1 Pedigree dentastix $3.99 - 3 $2.50 shortcuts loadables - $1 blinkie at Randalls = -$4.51

1 Cascade Crystal Clear drying agent $4.99 - free homemailer - .50 PgEsaver - -.50

1 Lucerne milk(not pictured) $1.99 - .50 in ad coupon = $1.49

2 Starbucks ice cream $1 each - $1 insert coupon 6-21SS($2 coupon adjusted down) = $1

1 Huggies diapers $12.49* - $1 cellfire - $1.50 shortcuts - $1.50 shortcuts - $1.50 insert 6-21SS = $7.49

Tax .87

Total OOP $10.34

*The diapers were marked $9.99 so I was getting them because I thought with loadables, paper coupon, upromise savings and caregiver rebate, they would only be $2.74 for the pack

They rang up $12.49 so I went to service desk and they confirmed the shelf tag said $9.99 so with the right price guarantee Randalls has, I got $13.27 refund($12.49 +tax)

So all in all, I got paid $10.37-$13.27 = $2.93 by Randalls to purchase all this PLUS

I got 2 catalinas for a free gallon of milk and I will still earn $1.50 from upromise and .75 for caregivers rebate form so

PROFIT OF $ 5.18 today


Chau said...

Oh I still have the $3/3 peelies that would go great with this deal! My kids drink organic milk so would they just take $4.50 off the price or does the milk has to be $4.50 or lower?

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Chau, I have heard you can buy organic and they will apply the $4.50 toward the price.

Michele said...

Did this (GM/milk) deal yesterday and did NOT get a CAT for free milk!! =( Were their size requirements for the cereal? I did get a cat for $1.50/3 oyno GM cereal though. I want my free milk !

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Michele, I did not see any size restrictions on the shelf talker advertising this deal. I would definitely call catalina and ask why you did not get the catalinas: 1-888-826-8766

Amanda said...

I was wondering your opinion on my Randalls card situation. I have loaded one of the pull ups ecoupon onto my card, and it did not take it off at the store. I have had the card for a LONG time, and every time I go when they first scan it, the register beeps, and they always have to scan it at least once more to get it to go through.
I also went to register my card online and the numbers wouldn't fit, I cant remember, but there were too many or too few on the back of my card.. any ideas?

Michele said...

Thanks for the Cat # (I always have to look it up) You must know it by heart =) I called this morning and the guy couldn't figure it out (why Cinnamon Tst Crunch wasn't on their list). He's supposed to call me back.

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Amanda, my card beeps at the register as well. I have been told I have the old card with an older numbering system. I also had issues at first registering at shortcuts and cellfire, both sites would not recognize my card number. This error seems to have worked itself out since it works now. I did get a new card at some point, but can't find it now, lol. When I got the new card, I called customer service and they linked the two cards together. That might be an idea to try. If it was a shortcuts, you can also email them and I hear they respond pretty promptly. Good luck!

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Michele, I hope they gave you your case number. If so, do not lose it, you may need to follow up. Catalina is programmed into my cell phone, lol

jan said...

Thanks for posting, I got in on the cereal last night, however, confused about $1 Starbucks ic, the tag said $3+, I hate returning items, so didn't risk it.

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

jan, i got the 3.6 oz single serves that are $1 and my Randalls adjusted the coupon down.

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