Friday, January 8, 2010

Walgreens run January 5th

I did this transaction a couple days ago, but didn't get a chance to post(couldn't locate all my receipts)
Anyway, I am posting now so you can try to get in on these deals before the week is up.
I also will point out a few other deals I have read about at Walgreens but have not done myself as I either could not find the items or I have not had time to go back. There is ALOT to write down before you go to Walgreens(lol)
I got all the above in 4 transactions for an overall profit of $0.64
The deals I did:

Electrosol $3.49 - $2.50 insert 1-3 SS
Earn $1 RR
Final price: .99 at register, -.01 cost after coupon and RR

2 Chips Ahoy $1.98
Earn $2 RR wyb 2
Final price: $1.98 at register, -.02 cost after coupon and RR

2 Neosporin $8 - $1 insert 1-3 RP- $2 Coloring book coupon(takes off $4)
Earn $3 RR wyb 2
Final price: $2 at register, -$1 cost after coupons and RR

Lipton tea $3.59 - .50 insert 11-15 RP
Theraflu sugar free $3.99 - $2 IP or IP or IP- $2 diabetes booklet coupon(found in pharmacy)
Earn $4 RR wyb both
Final price: $3.08 at register, -.92 cost after coupons and RR

2 Reach floss $7.98 - bogo insert 1-3RP - $1 insert 1-3RP - $4 in ad coupon
Final price: -$1.01

2 John Frieda Luxirious volume clearance $3.58 - $2.50 IP(just used 1)
Final price: $1.08

2 Stayfree $12.58 - bogo insert 1-3RP - $1 IP - $6 in ad coupon
Final price: -$0.71

Gillette shampoo clearance $1.59 - $1 insert P&G 12-27
Final price: $.59

Reynolds foil $1.39 - .50 in ad coupon - $1 booklet coupon(found at Randalls on display)
Final price: -$0.11

Deals I have not had a chance to verify/purchase yet:

Bayer Quick Release Crystals clearance $2.19 - $1.50 insert 10-25RP
Earn $3 if you buy 2, $6 if you buy 3
Final price: 1.38(for 2) or $2.07(for 3) at register, -$1.62(for 2) or -$3.93(for 3) after RR and coupons

Johnson Body Lotion trial size $1 - $1 IP
Final price: FREE

Phillips Milk of Magnesia clearance for $1.99 - $1 insert 1-3 SS
Earn $6 RR wyb 3
Final price: $2.97 at register, -$3.03 after coupons and RR

Jergens Natural Lotion clearance for $3.59 - $3/2 insert 12-6(not sure Houston got this coupon)
Earn $5 RR wyb 2
Final price: $4.18 at register, -$0.82 after coupons and RR

John Frieda Frizz Ease Shampoo or Conditioner clearance for $1.69
Earn $5 RR wyb 2
Final price: $3.38 at register, -$1.62 after RR

Glade fragrance collection 2 oz soy candles 2/$5 - $2 Parade 11-15
Earn $3 RR wyb 2
Final price: $1 at register, -$2 after coupons and RR

Did I miss any? Thanks to pooh5497, SouthwestCouponClipper, and ThriftyCheapskate for your blogs and posts.

While you are getting your coupons together together and printing, go ahead and print the $2 Lubriderm coupon found here
You can use it next week at Walgreens combined with the Diabetes booklet coupon for FREE Lubriderm.
Thanks again to pooh5497


Anonymous said...

I could not get the Reach deal to work for me. For some reason the ad coupon only deducted two dollars even though I had to items. When I informed that cashier that it only deducted two dollars instead of four she told me that Walgreens was not going to pay me for products. Is there a particular way to hand them the coupons? I thought I had to give them mfg coupons before store coupons.

Ashley B. said...

I can confirm the Glade deal. I have bought at a few WAGS already. Although I used a $3/2 coupon, which isn't as good of a deal. Also reports of Curel foot cream on clearance, which I got at one WAGS, for $3.19 (reports were lower in other cities), used 2 $1 coupons (i think 12/6 SS), and got $5RR back.

Ruthanna said...

So many good deals this week! I did the Reach toothbrush deal and had to pay .62. They told me the mfg q had to be swiped first then the store q. Then I had to pay tax...Still a great buy! I also did the Bayer Meter deal and used (2) $30 coupons for 2 meters (RP11/3?)and payed $0 and got back $13RR. I was psyched!!

qrazy_guy said...

I bought 3 bottles of the 4 oz. Phillips MoM last night, they rang up 1.99 ea and I had $1 coupons. I received the $6 RR. I did that transaction twice :)

I don't believe it's actually a clearance deal, it is a sale price this week of $2 off "digestive products". In addition to the Phillips the Alka Seltzer is also $2 off. I price checked the smallest boxes and they were $2.59. You could also buy 3 of these (with a $1 Q) to get the $6 RR but I bought the MoM since it was the better deal. I believe the sale ends Saturday (today).

I price checked the Bayer Quick Release but at my store they rang up $4.99 so I left those alone. I didn't try the Bayer meter deal either because my cashier told me management wasn't allowing them to give an RR for the meters if the free coupon was used. So I'll have to try that at a different store.

One more deal is on the Neosporin lip care, the activity book Q doesn't work on them but there are $3/1 IPs at Buy 2 for $8 and get back $3 making it a $1 MM. I could really use this stuff too.

:: melissa :: said...

Dont see where you posted about the inserts this week, but there is a $25 gc for kroger with prescription page A25. FYI! :)


Tara said...

Can someone tell me what he diabtese booklet it and where to find it?
Thanks so much!

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