Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Randalls Money Maker on Pillsbury refrigerated products

Yesterday a wonderful catalina promotion started at Randalls. Purchase 4 Pillsbury refrigerated products in one transaction get $2 oynso catalina(on your next shopping order), purchase 5, get $3 or purchase 6, get $4 catalina. Well, luckily I had been saving up my loadables from Cellfire and Shortcuts and was able to score BIG on this deal! I also found these coupon booklets at Randalls with $1/2 Pillsbury STORE coupons inside.(you do have to spend $20 BEFORE coupons to use these)

None of the items were sale price, so you don't need to rush out today to score them. Also, the store I went to at lunch did not have the little cinnamon rolls that are cheaper, so you might fair better than I, depending on your coupons.

Please recall my store will double 1 like coupon up to .50 and triple 1 like coupon up to .39

Here is my breakdown:

2 Natures Own bread $2.99 bogo sale = $2.99
2 PureVia $1.99 each - $2 insert(2nd coupon beeped and was adjusted to $1.99) = -.01
1 Annies mac and cheese .99 - .50 tearpad(I found this at Randalls, yay!) = -.01
1 Blistex $1 - .35 insert = FREE
2 Pillsbury pizza crust $2.59 each - $1/2 cellfire - 2 .40/2 shortcuts - $1/2 shortcuts - 2 .35 insert 1-24SS - $1/2 store coupon = -.02
2 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $1.89 each- $.40/2 cellfire - 2 .40/2 shortcuts - $1/2 shortcuts - $1/2 IP or IP - $1/2 Store coupon = -.42
2 Pillsbury crescent rolls $1.49 each- .50/2 cellfire - .50/2 shortcuts - $1/2 shortcuts - .40/2 *insert - $1/2 store coupon = -.82

-$1.50 catalina from a prior deal
Tax: -.21
Cost oop: $0
Earned $4 oynso for buying the 6 Pillsbury

*There is a .50/2 crescent roll printable here


qrazy_guy said...

I'm about to go do this deal myself. I found a $1/2 IP at smartsource.com for pillsbury sweet rolls which beats the .40/2 insert coupon.

amy and the bad cats said...

what does the front of the coupon booklet you found at randall's look like, and where in the store was it located? thanks!

qbcat said...

Is the refrigerated holiday cookies & buiscuts included in this deal? Is is all pillsbury refrigerated, or just some?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

All Pillsbury refrigerated should be a part of the promo.
Amy, I will take a picture of the booklet and post it soon.

Anonymous said...

Did you have to use 3 of the $1/2 Pillsbury store coupons found in that booklet, or did one coupon take off $3 for the six Pillsbury items?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, I used 3 of the Randalls $1/2 coupons.

Anonymous said...

The pb toaster strudels, on sale for $2.50, are NOT part of the cat deal. I should have known as it's not a refrigerated Pillsbury product....it's frozen. So I ended up with a $2 cat since only the other 4 items counted.

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