Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kroger Quick Trip Jan 5

I stopped into Kroger briefly to pick up the cheap Snuggle a reader informed me about and found a few more deals while there.

Here is my breakdown:
3 All Small and Mighty $3.19 each - 3 $2 insert 12-6 RP = $3.57
3 Snuggle fabric softener $2.57 each - 3 $2 insert 12-6 RP= 1.71
3 Yakisoba .89 each - .50 insert 1-3 SS = FREE
3 Glade Candle tins clearanced $1.75 each - $1.50 inside tins = .75
Tax: .50
Cost oop: $6.53


Lynn Urback said...

Hey! I'm up here in the Tomball/Cypress area. I took that same Snuggle coupon to Wal-Mart and got FREE snuggle dryer sheets.


I'm bookmarking your blog. It's nice to know there is someone else in the Houston area. :-)

Anonymous said...

I went to Kroger yesterday to do a few P&G deals and found out a new "rule" that Kroger is starting to enforce. The manager said that now they can only allow one transaction by a customer using coupons. After me whining about it, the manager was nice enought to let me do two transactions. They are cracking down on the couponers!

Anonymous said...

Do you know how many loads the All is...I did not get any papers on that weekend and know im kicking myself, so I am forced to try and buy some coupons because we desperatly need detergent but I do not want to buy the wrong ones...thanx

grace said...

I did the snuggle deal earlier this week, will have to stop in again when passing by to do the all and yakisoba deal thanks for the heads up. I did a great deal on glade candles at Walgreens today. Unadvertised deal with register rewards. Read more on my site if you like.

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