Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Randalls Make it Tonight Booklet

This is what the booklet looks like that has the $1/2 Randalls Pillsbury coupons. There are several other really good coupons in the booklet. I found this at the bakery and deli counter at my store.


Laurie said...

Found mine in a clear plastic holder attached to an endcap. Scored big time on the Pillsbury buy 6 deal you talked about w/loadables. TY!

amy and the bad cats said...

thanks! found a ton in a rack on an endcap with ragu. also saw them on other endcaps and on a display at the front of the store! then i did the pillsbury deal, except i had a mental lapse and got grands biscuits instead of cinnamon rolls, so i didn't have nearly as many loadables come off. all in all though, i spent $4.53 on a GC (3.99 of that was rice we really needed) and got a $4 OYNO catalina back.

amy and the bad cats said...

another question for you: are you finding the purevia sweetener on the aisle with the sugar and other sweeteners? i ask because i've looked at two different randall's and haven't been able to find it!

Anonymous said...

I found the Purevia with the other sweeteners, but I don't know which insert this coupon is in! It's not listed on taylortownpreview.com.
Also, did y'all use your "make it tonight" coupons before or after the manufacturer's qs? I used mine first, and then when she tried to scan the mfr's qs, they beeped and she wouldn't take any of them!

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