Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kroger Closeout- Snuggle

I received a reader email today, thanks to Pkowis!
Apparantly Pkowis stumbled upon Snuggle at closeout at her Kroger for $2.57.
The varieties that seemed to be included were Almond Creme and Jojoba Creme ( I am assuming these are the liquid versions)
We have $2 coupons from 12-06 RP that would make these just .57 each.


Mariah Washington said...

They were on closeout at my Kroger also (Same 2)

The Jacksons said...

Confirmed in Spring! Thanks!

Tammy said...

Thanks for this post. I had 10 coupons that were going to expire on the 10th. I won't need to buy fabric softner for a while now.

Love your blog!!

Ashley B. said...

FYI - a little unrelated but has to do w/ Kroger! You can get Free Maruchan noodles...there was a $0.50/1 in the 1/3 SS (I think, if not try RP), if your Kroger doubles they will be free! They are usually $0.99 reg price but on sale for less (forgot how much) but you won't get overage b/c register automatically adjusts the doubled coupon amount.

Kristie said...

Darn, I went to my Kroger here in Katy off of Fry rd and they were still regular price.
Anyone confirmed any other stores that have the closeout price?

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