Sunday, January 10, 2010

Prescription Coupon in Today's Houston Chronicle

Don't send your Sunday paper to the curb without taking section A first. There is a coupon for a $25 gift card at Kroger with any transferred prescription. I also hear reports there is a coupon for Randalls as well in a Randalls supplement(my paper does not have a Randalls supplement) and there is a $10 in the Target ad.
I typically use these at CVS on my prescriptions as the store near my office will take all competitor coupons on my NEW prescriptions. You might want to ask your local stores if they have the same policy.
Thank you Maya for alerting me to actually LOOK at the paper, lol.


Anonymous said...

just out of curiosity how many papers did you buy today? is today condsidered a good sunday paper or is it average? also where do you buy your sunday paper now since the .99 cent store no longer carries them? thanks for all your hard work and research in finding all the deals.


Budget Bella said...

did you get the $3/$10 at walgreens new store in Katy?

Bonnie said...

Thank you, Stephanie. I used the Rx coupon from Sunday's paper and the one in Wed. paper when picking up two prescriptions. I was given a CVS gift card for $50.00 that will come in very handy.

Your hard work is appreciated.


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