Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Loadable Site for Randalls

It just keeps getting better and better for Safeway shoppers (Tom Thumb and Randalls for my TX readers). Safeway has teamed up with to provide loadable coupons now too. I loaded some coupons I thought would have potential and printed those same coupons on a separate computer(I am not sure you can load and print from the same computer as I have not tried, but it might be possible- I loaded coupons from work-since I can't print - and printed from home)

Anyway, go to this link to load some coupons to your Randalls(Safeway) card

and when you are done, try this link to print the coupons!

I found some GREAT deals (in my next post) on the Aveeno and the Betty Crocker fruit snacks. I have not confirmed yet if any of the other coupons would make a good deal. I do know the 100 Calorie packs are on sale for $2 and my Randalls does not sell the 36 count Sudafed.


CLAIRE said...

These have not been working for me - I am in Illinois , customer service has helped as I took in a print out also, but check closely if you use these as I missed a couple so had to pay full price!!!!

KKennedy said...

I love that there is a new site to load e-coupons! Have you had any luck loading the new P&G e-coupons? I had trouble with the email they sent but finally got them loaded on one Randalls card. I tried my mom's card (I shop for her too) but it says no coupons are available. There are some great $2 Pampers coupons that I'd like to combine when they're on sale.

Tonya S. said...

I was able to print coupons and upload ecoupons on my card from the same coupons

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