Saturday, January 2, 2010

Special News Announcement to Houston READERS

Sad news today!

Thank you readers for your emails and sadly I found this out myself just after noon today.

The 99c only store and the Houston Chronicle right now cannot come to an agreement on pricing
From rumors:
99c only would still like to sell the Sunday Houston Chronicle for $1 but the Houston Chronicle wants them to sell it for $2.
If/when they can come to an agreement, we will have cheap papers again, until then it looks like the $2 is going to be the new reality.

Note: I did go to CVS today and the Saturday early edition rang in at $1.75. Not sure if this is typical, or will remain, but as of today, the Saturday early edition(with ALL Sunday coupon inserts) was $1.75 at CVS.

Local readers: Please feel free to post in comments where you are able to get the Saturday early edition or Sunday paper cheaper than $2!

*Please read the comments section. Reports are 45/610 area seems to still have $1 papers at 99c only store. (thanks gradstudentwife)


Alecia Chapman said...

I've found that almost every week the Baytown Sun has the exact same inserts as the Chronicle and it's only $1.50. Thier weekend edition, with the coupons, is out on Saturday. I'm not sure if other "local" papers would be the same.

Sheila said...

Fiesta had them for $1.75 but Walmart's was $2.00 SOOO bummed about the .99 Store!

gradstudentwife said...

found them at the 99 cent store off the 45/610. they were 99 cents each for the early edition.

Shawn M. said...

Sadly, the .99 store in Rosenberg did not have any papers today either.

cens0rship said...

The 99 cent store in Conroe off 45/N336 still has them for a dollar as of 1/2/09. HTH someone!

Zena said...

No papers at the Jones Rd./1960 99 cent store and none at the 249 (near beltway) store. I knew something was wrong and came home to check your blog and sure enough you had the answer. Thanks for always being on top of things.

JANE4girls said...

saw Kroger is supposed to have the Sunday paper for $1.25...have not confirmed yet.

Nicole said...

The paper in dallas texas is 3.00 for 1 and 5.00 for two

QuarterlifeCrisis said...

I bought my newspaper on Saturday at CVS for 1.75. I got the early sunday edition.

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