Saturday, June 27, 2009

Target run today

I finally made enough space in my freezer to make my trip to Target for the cheap Eggo Bake Shop goodies. I scored a couple other good deals while there, thanks to my blogging friends, Mercedes, Kim, and Mel.

Here is my breakdown:
2 Bananas .41 (my little one was with me and ate one after we paid)
Grapes .87
10 Eggos muffin tops $1.50 each - $1 printables found here, here, here and here (thanks to Mel and Kim)
8 Dreyers Snack size icecreams $1.19 - $1 Target printable(this coupon beeps)Thanks Mercedes
3 Pitureka card game $6.64 each - $5 printable (thanks Kim)
2 Always Infinity $3.99 each *I goofed here and thought I had a great deal with the $4 P&G coupons. Unfortunately the fine print states 28ct+ so the smaller size is not right for this coupon!
Total: $12.70
Tax : $.53
OOP $13.23


Kimberly said...

Great job! You ROCK!

I have to admit that I have sorta lifted my ban on the Target closest to my house...... They still give me slack once in a while....but, I really like to partake in the deals without wasting the gas to drive the extra miles....maybe that is me being too frugal!

Anonymous said...

What Target did you go to to find the small ice cream?

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Anon- I was at the Super Target at Eldrige Parkway and Kirkwood/Westheimer.

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