Monday, June 29, 2009

Entertainment Books- Hidden savings

I get asked quite often how I save money on family activities. Well, one way I save is by purchasing the Entertainment book for Houston and taking advantage of the coupons offered. I typically buy a book from the Boy Scouts for their fundraisers, but when I miss that opportunity, I purchase directly from Entertainment.
Right now, they are providing the opportunity to get their 2009 book free just for preordering the 2010 book. With summer here, I know you will find several activities coupons that will save you tons of money.
Julie(admin at HCW) has created a wonderful FREE ebook on how to maximize your savings when using the entertainment book. Just go here and click the download. Then, go order your 2010 book so you can get started on saving.

You can even put in your zipcode and review the coupons that are in the book before you purchase it. My husband and I like trying some of the restaurants we would have never tried without coupons. We have found some great non chain restaurants that we have enjoyed.
Note: If you preorder, they will keep you on the list to send you a new book every year until you cancel. There is also a $5 cancellation fee if you cancel in the first year. You will be charged when book ships.


Anonymous said...

Shame Shame - you are taking money out of the boyscouts pocket! These groups use this as a very valuable fundraiser. They make 50% on the price they sell it for! Which is always LESS than it is sold for on the website and you don't have to pay shipping charges through a group fundraiser. This is one of those areas where I'm not going to try to save. I buy 3 books from my son's school every year, it isn't worth saving a couple of dollars to give money to someone else.

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Anon, I am not trying to take any money from the Boy Scouts. I was actually very disappointed this year that I could not find a troop or school that sold them. I asked parents I knew and all my usual sources seemed to not be selling them this past year.

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