Monday, June 1, 2009

Small Walgreens Run

Not much I saw worth going out for this week, but I needed to use a gift card that was expiring.

After transferring my prepaid gift card onto a non-expiring Walgreens gift card, I picked up the following:

1 Ecotrin $2 - $2 coupon(5-17SS)

2 BullFrog Mosquito Coast sunblock with bug repellent clearanced for $2.79 - $2 peelie(found on the bottle!)

Paid $1.71 after tax and got back $2 Register Reward from purchasing the Ecotrin


Kristin said...

Did you have problems with redeeming the coupons for the Ecotrin? I had to call corporate in the end.

Also, did your store have the deal signed? Mine didn't.

Did you have a filler there? Shouldn't it have been like .84 with tax?

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

My Ecotrin coupon was for $2 so no problems redeeming and I purchased 2 Bull Frog so .79 each plus tax. Sorry I did not space them out better for the picture.

Kristin said...

I had the $2 coupons, also... I had one cashier tell me that I could only use 3, one manager tell me that they couldn't adjust a coupon down on pantyhose ($1 off of no-nonsense, it was clearanced to .82), and then the manager told me I wasn't welcome there with my coupons. I guess my daughter's $300 a month in prescriptions are still welcome though.

Sorry, I was trying to make the math work, but I'm still ticked at Walgreen's, I guess. :)

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