Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sweet Suprise at Randalls! $0.06 Transaction

I have been using loadable coupons at Kroger now for several months with great success. Well, Randalls has finally climbed aboard the loadables game and boy am I glad they did! Today I got an interesting suprise when ALL my loadables came off my items. With Kroger, you only get one loadable off per qualifying purchase, but with Randalls, it appears they all come off when you purchase 1 of that participating item. WOW!!!!!!!!

Here is my breakdown from todays shopping:
1 Lucky Charms $2.50 - .55 cellfire - .60 shortcuts - .50 IP doubled = $0.35
1 BC Warm Delights $2.19 - .50 cellfire - .50 cellfire - .50 shortcuts - .50 IP doubled = -$0.31
6 Yoplait cups .60 each - .50 cellfire - .60 shortcuts - .50 IP doubled = $1.50
1 Yo Plus Yogurt $2.50 - $1 cellfire - $1 shortcuts - $1 IP = -$0.50
1 Colgate Total closeout $1.49 -.75 cellfire -.75 cellfire - $1 insert 6-7SS = -$1.01
Tax .03
Total OOP $0.06

After todays experience, I highly recommend going to cellfire and shortcuts and loading up your cards! You might not have as many coupons available right now as I did since I had some older ones on my card. However, if you load them now, you will have no regrets later!


Kimberly said...

Thanks for all the great leads. I have my list and am planning on heading to Randalls tomorrow! Thanks again -- I know that is takes time and effort on your part to find these deals and then to share them with us!!

Linda S. said...

I'm having trouble adding my Randall's card to cellfire. I've tried my cellfire account and also going through Randall's website and adding digital coupons and I see no place to add my Randall's card. Thanks!

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Linda, you may have to update your Randalls card. I have heard some with the older Randalls card have to get a new one. When you get a new one, they can link it to your old account and then the new card number should take the loadables.

Linda S. said...

Thanks ZM...I will try getting a new Randall's card. Mine is an old one. Thanks for your great blog and for the time you devote to helping me save money!

Deborah said...

Last week was my first time using the loadable coupons and I experienced the same thing, both coupons coming off at once. At first I thought the coupons didn't deduct at all, because I didn't see them. After further inspection, I saw they deduct under the actual item on the receipt, not in the coupon portion. For instance, my cake icing was 1.79, saved .20 remarkable card, .50 from shortcuts, .50 from cellfire, and .50 (plus .50 due to double) of manufacturer coupon, .50 for the buy 10 save 5 promo. In the end they "gave me money" to take that icing out the store.

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