Monday, June 29, 2009

Target find

Stopped into two Targets in two days and found a pretty good deal.
Trip #1 was planned to use 8 more Eggo Bake Shop coupons I was able to print. Well, I also found a good deal on Degree. Here is my breakdown:
8 Eggo Bake shop $1.50 each - $1 printable = $4
3 Degree deodorant $2.34 each - $1.50Target printable-no longer available - .75 insert coupon (6-28RP)= $0.27
3 Degree body mist $3.29 each - free insert coupon wyb Degree deodorant(6-28SS) = FREE
Total oop $4.27
Trip #2 was taken to use my last Degree printable coupon. Here is my breakdown:
1 Degree deodorant $2.34 each - $1.50 50Target printable-no longer available - .75 insert coupon(6-28RP) = $0.09
1 Degree body mist $3.29 each - free insert coupon wyb Degree deodorant(6-28SS) = FREE
1 One pound of Strawberries $1.99 - $1 Target printable = $0.99
1 pair of Princess shoes $3.24 clearance
Tax .27
Total oop $4.59

*You can go to this post of mine for all the links for the Eggo printables
*ETA: Apparantly the Target printable for the deodorant is no longer available, sorry!


Jenny said...

Did you get the Eggos products from a Super Target or a regular Target? I dont have a super target close by so I miss out on some of the deals but I am planning a Target run tomorrow and would love to pick some of these up.

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Jenny, these were purchased from Super Target, so I am not sure if the regular Target stores have them.

Susan said...

I usually go to Super Target, but I stopped at a regular Target the other day and they did have the Eggo products, including the Bake Shop ones.

I bought my daughter a pair of those pink shoes at (gasp) regular price before going on a trip. She got lots of blisters. I wish I had had her wear them around the house for a week or so to break them in first. That was the first time we've had that issue with her and new shoes. I wanted to warn you just in case there's something with the shoe.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the $1.50 target printable????? Where is it. The link in the blog goes to the Eggo q's

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Anon, I am sorry, it looks like the coupon has been pulled. I will revise my post.

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