Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crocs at Big Lots

I noticed on Mercedes blog that Big Lots was selling Crocs for $10 a pair. Since I couldn't find my size on the last deal on the Crocs website, I decided to go to the Big Lots up the street from my office for my lunch break. They had a very limited selection, but I was able to find these Minnie Janes and they were in fact $10 plus tax. My kids like these shoes so much, I decided to break down and finally get a pair myself. If you have a Big Lots nearby, you may want to stop in and check(the store I went to had a very limited supply, but did have kids Spongebob and some various styles for women)


Hello! said...

Purrrty good deal, Zo! Try them on, click your heels three times, see if you'll land in Kansas to visit me!!! ;)

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