Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don't miss these extra coupons in your Sunday Paper

You probably already got the two inserts that came in this weeks paper. Well, before you toss that paper in the recycle bin, be sure to check for extra coupons you might have missed.
I got two Kroger supplements and the Parade is chock full of coupons this week. One of the Kroger inserts has a $20 gift card with transferred prescription coupon. These are GREAT coupons that I tend to use at CVS when I am getting my kiddos their medicine. You may want to check Walgreens and CVS around your house, as some will take these transferred prescription coupons for new prescriptions.
In the Parade, there are several coupons for Covergirl, a couple Cottonelle, and 1 for Bit O Luv dog treats.


Anonymous said...

What section was the Kroger Prescription Coupon in? I did not find it in the Houston Chronicle?


ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

It was mixed in with the ads. In my picture, you can see it is the top coupon in the far left corner.

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