Sunday, June 28, 2009

Randalls - shopping the 3 day sale!

Last week in the mail, I finally received one of my Living Well $10 coupons from Catalina Marketing(one of my transactions at Randalls, the machine was not working, so I had to call to get catalina to review and send). I decided to hit Randalls today since they started a 3 day sale and my coupon expires July 1. I was suprised by the amount of reduced meat Randalls had, so I bought a few extra things while there. I also couldn't resist the brisket sale, so decided to splurge a bit today. Here is my breakdown:
5 Poptarts $1.79 each - $5 wyb 5 - 2 $1/2 insert coupons (6-7RP)= $1.95(+ one more free movie ticket)
10 Kelloggs cereal $2.49 each - $10 (2 $5 wyb 5) -10 $1 insert coupons(6-7RP) = $4.90(got enough boxes to get the free Star Trek Flash Drive wristband-thanks Lisa for reminding me Froot Loops is on this promo)
10 Joint Juice $0.80 each - 5 b1g1 free insert(6-7 SS- these scanned at $1.39 each) = $1.05
1 Kraft singles $2.49 - $1.50 = $0.99 with Randalls ad coupon and $20 purchase
5 Eggo mini pancakes $1.99 each - $5 wyb 5 - 5 $1 tearpad coupons(thanks Greenie) = -$0.05
3 Owens 2lb sausage reduced .99 each - 1 $.25 insert tripled(5-17 SS) = $2.22
5 Healthy Ones Honey ham reduced .49 each - 2 .55 insert(6-7SS) - 1 $1 insert(5-17Parade) = $0.35
1 Oscar Mayer center cut bacon reduced $0.99
1 Trimmed beef brisket $10.77 ($1.99/lb, untrimmed is .99/lb for 3 days)
here it gets a little confusing:
6 BallPark franks $0.99 each - 3 $1/2 insert coupons(6-28RP)
2 Sara Lee Hot dogs buns $1.89 each - FREE wyb 2 BP franks tearpad = free
2 Seedless Watermelons $3.50 each - $3 tearpad wyb 1 BP franks and 1 SL buns = $1
-10 Living Well catalina
Tax -.33
Total oop: $16.78
When I went today, I had NO plans to buy the brisket, but it just looked too darn good and my husband loves to grill, so we are having that for dinner tonight and using the rest for sandwiches and such the rest of the week!


Kimberly said...

Thanks for sharing your shopping trip! I may have to go do the cereal deal! I took advantage of the $.99 ground beef yesterday and will be posting my shopping trip savings at today! Now, I am off to clip the cereal coupons! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog, it's amazing to find out these many savings from you!

But I don't what you meant by tearpad as mentioned in your Randalls shopping blog?



ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Casey, tearpad coupons are found at various stores, usually on special displays. The tearpads I refer to I found at Randalls on a display of Sara Lee buns and the watermelon tearpad was found in front of the Ball Park hot dogs.
Good luck.

Dee said...

Nice shopping trip. Can you tell me if they cheese is one per person or just one per coupon. I have 3 of those coupons and wanted to know if i could use them all to get 3 packs for the $20 purchase or i have to make 3 $20 purchaeses.

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