Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pop tarts, free movie tickets and Randalls

Randalls has a sale on pop tarts this week. Buy 5 and get them from .99 each. Single price is supposed to be $1.99 each. They ring up full price and then the register takes off $5 for each 5 you buy. Well, for some reason, the store I went to they rang up $1.79 and then after 5 the $5 came off, so they were really .79 a box! Coupled with my $1/2 coupons, I really scored. What is even better, is I found 20 boxes with the special Kelloggs movie ticket promotion so I also earned 4 free movie tickets.
They also have a sale on Joint Juice. Purchase 10 in one transaction and get them for .80 each. I found I still had some $1 manuf coupons and my dad really likes this stuff(says it does make his joints feel better and his dr recommended Glucosamine for him)
Here is my breakdown:
20 pop tarts 1.79 each - $20(4 line items of $5 off) - 10($1/2 coupons from 6/7 RP)= $5.80
10 Joint Juice $8 - $10($1 coupons from 4-26SS - last coupon beeped but cashier pushed it through) = -$2
Tax .31
Total cost $4.11 for 20 boxes of poptarts, 10 Joint Juice and 4 free movie tickets!


Michael T said...

Yeah like you ever go to the movies.

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Very true Mike, but they are great "payment" for my babysitter, also known as my niece :)

Michael T said...

oh you do have a use for them. Damm I was going to work on scamming them from you

Anonymous said...


just out of curiosity do you have and kroger scenario's this week. they have a mix and match this week.
i was wondering what combination you were going to buy because you seem to know what to buy and which coupons to use to get the least oop.
i hope to get some pointers.
thank you,


ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

Lisa, I am probably not doing the mix and match as I don't really need any of the items being offered. If you post on HCW here,
Myself or another member will be able to help you if you let us know some of the coupons you have and the items you are interested in.

The Jones' said...

Thanks for the poptart deal! I ended up getting them for .59 a piece can't beat it. Do you happen to know when it expires?

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