Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sobe - Free or Better than at Target

I had a really busy week at work so did not do a ton of shopping, but I did hop into Target this week to grab some Sobe water.
I had 4 bogo coupons that I found about a month ago at CVS and 1 free from BzzAgent.  I knew I read that you could score a $5 gift card wyb 10 and that they were $1 each.
I assumed that meant I would get them all free but I was surprised to see the bogo coupons too $1.79 off.

10 Sobes = $10
-4 x 1.79 - 4 bogo coupons autodeducted the max value and cashier couldn't figure out how to override
-$1.79 for freebie - again autodeducted max value and cashier said ok
=$1.14 after tax and earned $5 gift card

If you don't have the bogo tearpads, you might want to make a quick stop at Kroger to look for this new blinkie
I noticed it yesterday in store and it is for $1 off 2 Sobes.

If you Target allows you to use 5 coupons you could do the following
10 Sobes $10
-$5 - 5 blinkies
=$5 oop and earn $5 gift card so just pay tax

This deal does end today, sorry for the late post, but I just found these blinkies yesterday.  (Thanks Mayra and Debbie for the heads up)

If you still have any left over Heinz Vinegar coupons , I noticed they would be free right now at Target too :D

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