Sunday, July 1, 2012

CVS - Cheap Pantene and few more deals

CVS has a small ad this week that is only good for 3 days!  Not wanting to let time escape me, I went out in force today to get some cheap Pantene and a few other things I read about.

First, I still had 2 unexpired $3 off $10 cosmetics purchase CRTs from scanning my card last week.
These go great with the Cover Girl cosmetics since they are b1 get 1 50% off AND part of the gas card promo(Spend $30 in participating items, get $10 gas card)  Add to that the fact that we have $3 off 2 Cover Girl inserts from this weekend and it makes for a GREAT deal.
I combine that promo with the Pantene as follows:

4 Covergirl Eye Enhancers $3.69 each = 14.76
4 Covergirl Eye Enhances 50% off $1.84 = $7.36
8 Pantene Shampoo/conditioner $3.25 each = $26
-$6 - 2 $3/10 cosmetics
-$12 - 4 $3/2 Cover Girl insert coupons
-$12 - 4 $3/2 Pantene insert 6/24 SS
=$18.12 and earned $10 gas card (I also have $18 spend toward next gas card)

I then did another transaction with Pantene and combined the deal I read about the Nivea and a Cortaid to that scenario cause I got a CRT for a free Cortaid when I scanned my card today.  Here is the layout of that scenario
8 Pantene Shampoo/conditioner $3.25 each = $26
4 Nivea tins .99 each = $3.96
1 Cortaid $5.99
-$12 - 4 $3/2 Pantene insert 6/24 SS
-$5.99 CRT for Cortaid
-$2 tearpad for Cortaid (not sure where or when I got this, it was in my binder)
=$15.96 and earned $10 gas card (and have $14 spend toward next gas card) and
$8 for Nivea (get $2 for each one purchased, limit 4, tins are currently working)

I then did 3 more transactions with just Pantene

8 Pantene Shampoo/conditioner $3.25 each = $26
-$12 - 4 $3/2 Pantene insert 6/24 SS
=$14 and earned $10 gas card x 3

So my final tally is:
Spent : $18.12 + $15.96 + $14 x 3 = $76.08
Got back: $50 in gas card* + $8 ECB + $1 Green bag tag = $17.08
BUT earned $15.61 toward next Beauty Club Reward($15 Beauty Club reward printed for me today from all that Head and Shoulders :D)
So accounting for the Beauty Club rewards, I essentially paid $1.47 for
40 Pantene shampoos
8 Cover Girl eye shadow
4 Nivea tins and
1 Cortaid!  

*I saved all my gas card coupons for the last store and they did not have gas cards so they let me get American Express $10 gift cards :D


Thanks SD for the Nivea and Cover Girl tip

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Daniela6968 said...

Cashier was going to give me an AE card also but, somehow, messed up and finally just printed out a $10 ecb. I'll just use it to pay for the next Pantene transaction. :) Thanks!

Courtney said...

Total score!!!!! :) Way to go Stephanie!

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