Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Randalls - Hot Find today

Today, I spent the day with the wonderfully nice folks at Randalls learning all about their new program Just for U.  While I will be doing a more detailed post on that later, I wanted to highlight something else I learned while there, surely by happenstance.
Part of your event today involved Randalls bussing us bloggers over to the beautiful Randalls store located at Westheimer and Gessner to shop and test out the Just for U (again I will be doing an extensive post on that later).  So naturally, upon walking in, I grabbed an ad just in case there is a coupon in the ad that I might be needing for my shopping quest.  Right away I noticed a HUGE difference with this ad versus my ad:
On the left is the image I noticed in the ad at this store, vs the ad in my store I shop in Sugar Land.  WOW!!! I knew there were differences in meat and produce prices based on region but had NO clue it could easily be $1 difference!  Naturally I picked up some ground beef while there, how could I NOT for that price!?

While this does end today, it is a good idea to check some other ads around you as I have just been told by two others that their ads in Katy ALSO had this $1.99/lb price for the 93% lean beef, WOW! (S Mason and S Fry locations.)  So, if you have a daily path with your commute or errands, you might want to check the ad online for stores you will be passing, it might just save you an extra buck or two :D

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Anonymous said...

Can you share who was part of the group? I recognize you, Kristin, Paul/Tiffany but not the others - thanks - Mercedes V.- BTW I will be off this week on Thurs/Fri and then Mon/Tues if you want to meet up to p/u the OTC med for your DH.

Stephanie Jensen said...

Kristi from momsconfessions
April from insightsbyapril
Renee from qponjunkie
Shellie from savingwithshellie
Crystal from simplybeingmommy and
Jennifer from stilllivingthedream are the ones you did not mention :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stephanie - I recognize Shellie's blog name. I didn't realize Kristin was that tall. I still like your posts the BEST!!! - Mercedes V.

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