Monday, July 2, 2012

Another HOT CVS Gas card deal with Physician Formula!!!

*Note, you can click on the picture to make it larger for viewing.

My mom asked me to go to CVS for her since with a 3 day ad(ends Tuesday) there was no time to send her coupons for the deals.
Well a coupon bud of mine told me about a $7 off all Physician Formula items over $7 so of course I had to go see what I could score cheap!  What is even sweeter is that Physician's Formula items are also part of the gas card promo (buy $30 worth get $10 gas card)

Well, I hit 3 stores today between my lunch hour and my way home and scored a gas card for my mom with the items pictured above.  BONUS is that the 3 larger items in the bottom left of picture had try me free rebate peelies I will mail for her.(I already removed the two on the purple ones, but they all look like the one on the red one on the far left)
Prices varied a little per store, so you will see a few duplicate products and different price points.
Here is how this played out:

4 Physician Formula Quad Eye Shadow $0.79 each
1 Youthful Wear Light Concealer $6.79*
1 Youthful Wear Light Foundation + Blush $7.99*
4 Physician Formula Concealer duo .99 each
Physician Formula Twins concealers .99 each
Physician Formula Twins concealers 1.39 each
1 Physician Formula Lash Boosting Eyeliner serum $4.49*
-$14 - $1 coupons from 4-15, 5-6 or 6-3 Smart Source insert 
=$26.16 oop and earned $10 gas card

Will also mail off for a
$7.99 rebate, $6.79 rebate and $4.49 for another $19.27 back

Final Tally: $26.16 - $10 - $19.27 = $3.11 profit (less the cost of stamp!)

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Daddy Day Dream said...

I may be missing something but I think your math is off.

You said the total for the makeup was $30.16. Then you had $14 in coupons.

30.16 - 14 = $16.16

Final Tally: $16.16 - $10 - $19.27 = $13.11 profit (less the cost of stamp!)

Alicia said...

Such an awesome deal!! Thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I got one w the rebate peelie but it expired 12/2011.

Stephanie Jensen said...

daddy day dream, I have 3 mail in rebates that total $19.27 I will get back, that is the piece I believe you overlooked

Stephanie Jensen said...

Anon, wow, wonder if you can call them and ask to honor it? Maybe they extended the promo and can still work off the old peelie, these all said 2012

Patty said...

How do you do the mail in rebate if you have multiples? Different receipts and different addresses? I bought 2 with the try me free in 2 separate transactions.

Patty said...

Or is it one kind per household? I bought the foundation and the concealer.

Stephanie Jensen said...

Patty it is one per household per type

Patty.Cakes.Love said...


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