Saturday, July 14, 2012

Heb - Money Maker Deal - Tylenol Precise

There is a sweet money maker deal on Tylenol Precise if you have the right coupons.
Apparantly there is a catalina deal that was not advertised in the Houston ads but it is working here.  When you spend $25 in a single transaction on select brands, you can receive a catalina for $10 off your next purchase of $30 or more.  The brands are: Band Aid, Neosporin, Aveeno, Clean and Clear, Lubriderm, Johnson's baby products, Listerine, Stayfree, Carefree, Neutrogena, Lactaid, Precise, Splenda, Tena, BenGay, RoC, Rogaine, Reach, Zyrtec, Sudafed, Viactiv, Visine, o.b., Tucks, Shower to Shower and KY.

Well, the Tylenol Precise were priced at $6.44 in my store with a $2.75 B Yellow coupon.  According to the coupon database there was a $3 coupon for Tylenol Precise in the 5-6 Smart Source Insert, but I don't appear to have that.  I did find a coupon tearpad at my HEB pharmacy with a $2.50 off coupon though, or you can go here to print a $2 coupon.

My scenario looked like this:
4 Tylenol Precise @ 6.44 = $25.76
-4 $2.75 B yellow coupons = - $11
-4 $2.50 tearpad coupons = -$10
=$4.76 + tax = $5.15 oop and earned the $10 off my next shopping order.

Now to find a few more deals on the other products, need to go on a scouting mission for prices.

Thanks Karen for the heads up!

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lizifrogs said...

Hi! Do u know if the CAT rolls? Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

When does the Yellow B Coupon expire?

Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to mail me just two of the tear pad coupons? Maybe a trade?

Anonymous said...

when does this catalina deal end?

Stephanie Jensen said...

The cat should roll but I have not tried it myself yet

They B coupon expires 7/24

Anon the ad does not state an end date but hopefully it will follow along with prior deals and go 2 weeks

Anon for trade, I think I have 2 left if I can find them, send me an email

Anonymous said...

I did the deal with the $3 MQ. It was a $7.92 MM. Now I wonder if the cat rolls?

Anonymous said...

Yay I tried the deal today and it worked! Question about the $10 off $30...I'm planning to use coupons on my next trip, does my total have to equal $30 before or after coupons?

Stephanie Jensen said...

Before coupons, I do hand it over first though so the cashier won't give me grief

lizifrogs said...

My cat did not print and my store has no info on the deal. Where can I locate the original ad/deal on this? My store does not know anything about the cat. I called CS and they will call me in a few days. TIA

Meaghan said...

Definitely a awesome deal! At my Heb the Tylenol precise is $6.27. So I used 4 of the B coupons and 4 of my M $3 off coupons. Which made each box of Tylenol .52 cents each and a total of $2.08 Oop! After I got my B coupon I went back and got 5 boxes of precise. This made the toatlal like $31. I used my $10 off coupon from my first transaction then used the b and m coupons for the precise. I had overage of $7.40 so I made sure I had my items to make up for the credit to go towards my basket purchase!!! Such a deal!!!

Stephanie Jensen said...

lizifrogs, you can dispute with catalina
The offer name is Johnson and Johnson and they should be able to mail you your catalina.

I have 2 disputes I need to do until I learned the coupon should print before you hand over any coupons. So now I making sure before I continue with the transactions.

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