Monday, July 16, 2012

Randalls Introducing Just for U Savings in TX!!!!!

I am so excited that Randalls is finally bringing the Just for U program to Texas.  I have read about this program for some time now on the various coupon forums and have really been sad it was not offered in our region.  Well it is now officially on the Randalls website, YAY! and it is on the Tom Thumb site now as well for those of you near Dallas.

So what exactly is the just for u program?
Just for U is loadable coupon program that doesn't just offer up generic coupons for the mass public  Many of the coupons and personalized offers are based on your shopping history on your club card.   You just need to start here  (or here for Tom Thumb shoppers) and link your card to the just for u program and add the deals you want to your card before shopping.  They even plan to have a computer and printer at the service desk of each store for your convenience AND there are phone apps for you smart phone owners.
There are 3 different components to the just for u program.
The first, is the personalized deals.  These are offers just for u based on your shopping history with the store. These are unlimited offers and will be good for up to 90 days!  That means you can save each time you purchase that product during the offer dates.
An example for me right now is Cheetos.  I have a personalized offer price of $1.86 through tomorrow. AND I can even use coupons on top of this personalized price for added savings.

Next is the coupon center.  Here is where you can load digital coupons for money off various products.  Now some of these offers are for $ money off an item while others are just discounted prices.
Notice how the top is just a .40 off Fiber One bars and the bottom one shows special pricing of $3.49 for Pantene etc.  In this scenario, I cannot use a paper coupon on top of the Fiber One coupon, but I could combine the bottom offer with a coupon.  (If I load the Fiber One coupon and decide to use a paper coupon that will double, the register will just take the ecoupon discount off my receipt - more on this later).
The offers in this section are one time use only up to their expiration dates.

The third component is the club card specials.  This will list for you the club specials on products you regularly buy.  These are updated weekly and sorted by aisle.  This is a quick way to find the price of that item for the week without sorting through the ad.

Once you add the savings you want from the personalized offers and coupon center, you can choose to print the list to take with you to the store, or you can email it to yourself to pull up on your smartphone while in store.

The one thing I truly love about the loadable coupons with Randalls is, unlike Kroger, you are not punished by having them on your card.  If you load an offer but then later have a better paper coupon you would rather use, you simply hand over your paper coupon and the register will just remove the ecoupon discount from that order.
Example from above.  Let's say I loaded the Fiber One bars coupon for .40 cents off which will not double(loadable coupons NEVER double).  Well, lets say I find a paper coupon for .40/1 that will double so obviously I would rather use that one, right?  So I ring up and notice the .40 ecoupon come of my balance.  When I hand over the paper coupon, it will take off two lines of .40 on my total(since it doubles) but then add back the .40 ecoupon savings like it was never there!  BUT the ecoupon will be there next time if I want to purchase the item.  Pretty cool that they have the programming to not punish me for loading a coupon that might later not be as good as I thought :D

So, head here (or here for Tom Thumb shoppers) and sign your card up and start checking out the savings.  As you can see from my examples above I have a few that expire tomorrow so I will probably log back in on Wednesday to see what new coupons and savings they have to offer me.

Check it out and please post any questions you may want answered by Safeway on this blog post.  I will be meeting with the folks of Safeway about this program next week and I want to bring all the questions my readers have to ask while I have a captive audience :D

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G Martinez said...

Is there a limit to how many personalized deals I can have saved at one time?

katycouponers said...

I have been told you can load ALL the offers that are available to you on your card, no limit

Anonymous said...

The fine print under the personalized offers says "cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer".

katycouponers said...

Anon, if you read most the coupons out they say the exact same thing which would imply you can't even use them on sale items since that is an offer.
I actually spoke with my store today about this promo to prep for next week and was told as always, you can combine one manuf and one store offer together.
Also if you look at the faq it states similiar:
Can I combine manufacturer/store coupons with these prices?
Yes, you can combine a manufacturer or store coupon with your Personalized Deals, subject to terms and conditions of each coupon. Please refer to for more details on our coupon policy.

Anonymous said...

Since I can do a manuf. and store coupon together - can I do both with a personalized deal?

katycouponers said...

Anon, the personalized deals that are special pricing I don't see why not but I will be sure to ask them next week to be certain(if I don't get a chance to chat with my store manager again before then)

GlennJ said...

Is the enrollment automatic if you've already used their website to load eQs? I didn't have to do anything with my Randall's card #, just went to the page where I normally load coupons and the new format was already there, with personalized deals and offers ready for me to load!

katycouponers said...

You can use the same log in password and user name, but you have to go to the website or phone app to load the coupons

Coupons in the News said...

Sounds like a very promising program! But wonder what you think about them knowing "too much" about you and if that's even a concern at all? Thought you might find that part of the story interesting here:

katycouponers said...

Coupons, they ALREADY know everything about what I buy with using the loyalty card to get the sale price. At least now I will get a discount on the items I do like to buy regularly. The main thing they are gonna see is that I buy the items that are free or practically free and a few other staples, lol.

rosanna said...

Okay, so I think I've FINALLY got this: mfr q's can be stacked with "personalized pricing" deals, but not with digital q's from the q center, right?

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