Friday, July 13, 2012

Kroger - Stumbled on a HOT Kingsford Charcoal Deal - YMMV

Before I get into details over this deal that might confuse some(to those that it does, please know I do welcome questions and do answer all as time allows) I want to give a shout out to all my readers that have stuck with me!  I know my blog has changed over the years and lately I realize I have been posting VERY VERY little compared to the past.  As I have always stated I am a mommy first, I full time worker second(hey we have to get money from somewhere), a couponer third and finally a blogger as time allows.  I have to admit more of my posting has gone to facebook lately as I can quickly post pics while out shopping or post quick hey print this at work(my work computer does not allow me to use blogger :( )
I know I don't post every deal(though I do read more than I have time to post) and I don't post often, but I do appreciate all you readers that still stick it out with me and I really think you put up with me because of random posts like this, so here goes.

I know everyone might not get THIS pricing, but I will post some multiple options and keep in mind, even THIS deal was a workout for yours truly.

So, I was in Kroger the other day taking pics for my previous post on finds for the mega deal and I noticed THIS pictured sign on Kingsford.   Not a GREAT deal(about 50% savings from regular price) but I remembered I still had $3 off tearpads
(saw more today at the store on Hwy 6 and Bissonett for those in SL).
Save $3 wyb Kingsford Charcoal and KC Masterpiece BBQ or marinade (bbq sauce is $1.67 each)
Well, this coupon is limit 1 per customer, but since I signed up for the free club offer, I am also able to print the $3 off Kingsford charcoal coupon.  Not only that, but I was offered a $2/2 KC Masterpiece coupon on this  offer.  NOT only that, but SavingStar has an offer for $5 back when you spend $20 on Kingsford and Masterpiece.
So here is how my transaction was planned out:

3 Kingsford Charcoal $5 = $15
3 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce 3 for $5 = $5
=$20 so qualifies for $5 back from SavingStar

-$3 tearpad wyb Kingsford and KCMasterpeice
-$6 - 2 $3 printables for Kingsford charcoal for club members(must log in)
-$2 - for buying 2 KC Masterpiece bbq or marinades
=$9 oop at registers but earns $5 in SavingStar so final OOP of $4 for 
3 Kingsford Charcoal bags16 lbs and 3 bbq sauce

*Now I have to admit, the bags rang up $5.99 and when I went to the service desk to get this fixed they noticed the tags on the shelf showed 15 lb bags BUT the display (actually 3 displays at the SweetWater store!) all had 16+ lb bags.  So they approved the $5 price clearly stated through the manager and I got the scan right guarantee so actually got 1 bag free too, but it took awhile.

If your store does not have this in store promo, they will ring $5.99, but still a decent deal if you use charcoal and especially if you have the membership (hopefully if you have read me for awhile you signed up when I posted about it and signed up myself!).  If so, your total price can be low too!!!!

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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lizifrogs said...

what is the scan right guarantee?
TIA :)

lizifrogs said...

what is the scan right guarantee?
Thank you!:)

katycouponers said...

lizifrogs - if something tagged on the shelf does not ring up that price, you get the first of that item free and each additional at the tagged price.

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