Friday, November 27, 2009

Walgreens run before Thanksgiving- FREE Toblerone

I ran a quick deal at Walgreens yesterday since I found out I could get Toblerone candy for FREE. Well, the cashier for some reason did not scan all my coupons(wouldn't even let me get the Reynolds foil since my coupon was for $1 and the store coupon made it 99c) Since I was just exhausted and wanting to be home, I didn't press the issue. I came out WAY ahead anyway, so not complaining.
Here is what my transaction looked like:
10 Toblerone on unadvertised sale for $1.50 - $1 insert - $1/2 Wags Nov booklet coupon = $3*(should be FREE but cashier didn't scan 3 of my coupons?)
2 Lubriderm 6 oz $3.79 - $2 insert - $1 Diabetes booklet = .79 each
1 Lubriderm 16 oz $7.49 - $2 insert - $1 Diabetes booklet = $4.49
2 Triaminic $1.69 each - $3/2 insert - $3.38 Wags healthy savings booklet = -$3
1 Christmas pencil .69 -.44 in ad coupon = .25
-$3 Register reward
Tax : .52
Cost oop : $3.84(had to pay with real money since I didn't have another filler for another RR since I thought my total would be ~$1
Earned $8 for Lubriderm, $5 for Triaminic
So cost $6.84, got back $13 and have yummy Toblerone for Christmas stockings!


kristiekbs said...

Where do you get the Walgreens november coupon booklet?
Also, where did the $1 off toblerone coupons come from?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

The Wags Nov booklets are now expired, but the December coupon booklets have the same coupon. You should be able to find them next to the sales ad in the store. The $1 off Toblerone came in the 11-22 SS insert.

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