Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kroger mega run Saturday

Ok, Saturday was a crazy day! My husband wanted to brew beer and I wanted to shop. So, we both won, sort of. He stayed home to brew his beer and I went shopping.............with two kiddos in tow!
I wanted to get as many coupons used for the mega sale as I could seeing as some of them were set to expire that day. I made a few mistakes with calculating (hmmm two little girls fighting didn't help, lol) but all in all, I think I did pretty well. You will notice I did also purchase two bottles of wine in all this(perhaps because two little girls were fighting at each store!)
It would take me far too long to itemize each trip, so I am just going to give you a summation of the quantities I purchased and where I found the misc. coupons I used. I hope you don't mind!

Please remember too, I shop for 4 households so this is really not a HUGE stash once everyone takes their share.
36 Carnation milks free with 9-27 insert coupon
10 Pepperidge Farm frozen breads .69 each with .40 insert from 10-4 SS
1 Ketchup .74 with .75 insert from 10-4 SS
15 Pillsbury free with $1/3 blinkie and catalina deal
9 Franks hot sauce free with .35 insert 10-4 SS
19 Rolaids free or overage after $1 and $4/2 coupons from 10-4 RP
15 Bumble Bee tuna -.05 each after .55 insert from 9-13 SS
6 Yakisoba free after .50 insert from 10-18 SS
4 Sunsweet raisins $.45 each after booklet .35 coupon(found display with coupon in produce)
18 Halls cough drops -.26 with .35 coupon from 9-27SS
20 Betty Crocker potato pouches -.25 after .25 insert coupon from 10-4 SS(I traded for these)
15 Diet DP free with overage with .40 label coupon and .55 peelies(found peelies at last store)
6 Tombstone pizza $1.24 each after $1.50/2 in 9-27 SS
3 Dole bowl fruit .39 each after $1 printable
6 Uncle Bens rice free after $1 Parade coupon
2 Smuckers jelly $1.24 each after .35 tearpad coupon(my mom found these at HEB)
6 Ricola got overage with bogo coupon from 10-11 SS
4 Orbit gum (had to throw these in at one store where I miscalculated, they only cost me $2 to save another $5- not pictured because I gave them to cashier and bagger)
2 Nestle ready to drink .19 each after .40 tearpad(found these in Corpus Christi at a Stripes store-not pictured because kiddos drank them)
1 Diet dp 20 oz $1.39 (I was thirsty, lol)
Tomato, Lettuce and bananas (used my last 3 $1 produce winetags-traded for these)
2 bottles of wine $7.99 each
1 single serve m&ms (to bump total up to $2 for Discover card coupon)
4 Rotel .47 for one, the rest free with .50 printable
2 Velvetta $4.49 each
3 Frito Lays free with buy 2, get 1 free tearpad and 2 $1.50 off chips wyb 1 velvetta and 2 rotel
used a $2 Discover card coupon for each of my 6 transcations

Paid $24.85 oop($14.85 real money, $10 in catalinas)
Got back $11 in catalinas and will mail for $10 Tombstone rebate I trade for
$24.85 - $11 - $10 + .44(cost of stamp) = $4.29 for everything pictured.


Anonymous said...

Have not found any of the .40 coupons on the Dt. Dr. Pepper bottles. I've looked in Cypress & in Katy. Any suggestions? My grandparents go nuts if they dont have their Dt Dr P!

lzcouponqueen said...

You continue to amaze me! Great work and thanks for all your insight - you have helped me save lots $$$$$$$$$$!!!

Southwest Coupon Clipper said...

That was one crazy shopping trip! Awesome!

Dee said...

Wow that was an awesome shopping trip I see. And I totally understand about shopping with kids. I have 4 so I get it, but there is no way I would have done that good with 2 kids. You amaze me. Thanks for all your inspiration.

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