Monday, November 16, 2009

Randalls run to use up expiring cellfire coupons

I mustered up enough strength to hit up Randalls on the way to pick up my oldest from school(the youngest and I were home sick today). My tuna actually rang up VERY wrong and VERY overpriced, but I just didn't have the energy to wait at the service desk for the correction ( I didn't notice until I had cashed out) so I just let it go. Here is what my transaction looked like:

1 Way overpriced Randalls can of tuna $1.49(shelf tag said .79, but noticed this is a 6oz can instead of 5 oz I bought on mom's card, so BEWARE the overpriced 6 oz cans!!!!!)-.55 Hurricane map coupon = .94

1 Romano Macoroni grill $4.99 - 2 $1 Cellfire - $1 Shortcuts - $1 insert= .99 (I really like these for quick meals, yummy)

1 Nature Valley nut clusters $2.99 - $1 Cellfire- 2 $1 Shortcuts-.40 Shortcuts- $1 IP = -1.41

1 Betty Crocker frosting $1.50 - .50 Shortcuts- .50 insert 11-15 GM = FREE

1 Safeway green beans .79- free hurricane map coupon = FREE

2 Progresso broth $2.99 bogo sale - 2 .50 Cellfire - .50 Shortcuts- .50 IP= .49 for 2

4 Nabisco Premium crackers $2.49 - $1.20 in ad Randalls coupon -2 $1/2 Nabisco booklet coupons = $3.16

1 Freshpet dog food $2.49 - free insert 9-13 SS = FREE

2 Pillsbury Crescent rolls $1.50 each - .50/2 Cellfire - $1/2 Cellfire - 2 .50/2 Shortcuts- .50/2 IP= -.50

1 Morningstar Farms veggie $1.99 - $2 booklet coupon = -.01

4 Scrubbing bubbles $1.99 bogo wyb 4 - 2 $2/2 peelies = -.02

2 Huggies diapers $9.99 each - $1 Cellfire - $3/2 Cellfire - $1.50 Shortcuts- $4 in ad Randalls coupon - 2 $2 IP= $6.48 (ip no longer available except for overnights)

-$5 catalina from $5/25 Home for the Holidays promotion

Tax: $.62

Cost oop: $6.53*

*I will be saving my receipt to get $10 wyb 10 Nabisco crackers in the new Jingle Holiday coupon booklet I found at the front of Randalls store- the 4 Nabisco Premium crackers qualify.

I also should earn $1 in my Upromise for the Huggies diapers.

Sicne I was already there, I also wanted to use my moms card for her loadables as well. She has different loadables since I don't always use her card. Here is what I got on it:

1 Fiber One Muffin mix $2.50 - 2 .50 Cellfire - .50 Shortcuts- .50 IP= FREE
2 Chex Cereal $1.67 each - 2 $1 Cellfire - $1 Shortcuts- $1/2 IP= -.66
1 Betty Crocker frosting $1.50 - .50 Shortcuts- .50 insert 11-15GM= FREE
1 Safeway green beans .79 - free Hurricane map coupon = FREE
1 Safeway tuna .79 - .55 Hurricane map coupon = .24
1 Freshpet dog food $2.49 - free insert coupon 9-13 SS= FREE
1 Morningstar Farms veggie $1.99 - $2 booklet coupon = -.01

4 Scrubbing bubbles $1.99 bogo wyb 4 - 2 $2/2 peelies = -.02

2 Huggies diapers $9.99 each - $1 Cellfire - $3/2 Cellfire - $1.50 Shortcuts- $4 in ad Randalls coupon - $2 IP- $2 homemailer = $6.48 (ip no longer avail except for overnights)

*On this transaction, the Randalls coupon only deducted for one diaper package, so I had to get them to manually enter the extra $2 savings, I believe the Overnights are not coded for this discount even though they are pictured on the in ad coupon.

Tax: $.62

Total oop: $6.65 and I will mail in for $1.50 on the diapers from the Caregiver rebate.


Ashley B. said...

UGHHHHH!!! I went late last minute run to Randalls. Did 2 transactions - one for me and one for sis-in-law. Did her's first, went fine, only paid $0.09 for Bisquick, Frosting, 2 Chex cereals, 1 Yoplait Delights, 1 Yoplait single cup!! BUT then I Got to my transaction which ended up being a disaster! I wanted to get the Cottonelle which was supposedly $4.99, but rang up for $6.99 (that's a long story) so ended up not getting it. So I SHOULD have paid $0.02 for Bisquick, frosting, 2 Chex cereals, Yoplait Delights, 4 Scrubbing bubbles BUT paid $2.02 because the clock struck 12 midnight (which means cell fire reloaded) and I didn't get $2 worth in ecoupons!!!! WAH!!!! I just want to bang my head against the wall! I should have been done before 12 but the issue w/ the TP took longer than I thought and guess my watch was a tad off...oh well still good deal for $2 but I could have gotten it all for $0.02!!! I've learned my lesson! Anyone else have similar lesson learned???

Ashley B. said...

oops got so caught up in my dissapointment that I forgot to mention I got 2 cans of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in both transactions...

Ashley B. said...

one more question..did one of the Scrubbing Bubbles coupons beep? The fist one went through fine but the second one beeped (I think since on Randalls registers it doesn't show you actually buying 4 since 2 are free) but the cashier just looked at the items and manually put in the second $2 coupon (thank goodness). Just wondering if that happened to you too? I didn't have time to get any for my sis-in-law and I'm sure she's going to want to go tomorrow to get some.

Jennifer said...

So are your loadable coupons taking off both cellfire and shortcuts for the same product?

Ashley B. said...

yes for Randalls (Safeway) ALL coupons for an item will come off from Cell Fire and Shortcuts. Also if you have say 2 $0.50/1 frosting coupons on cellfire, and you only buy 1 frosting, both will still come off! Kroger does not do this however...only one will come off per item, but if I'm not mistaken one will come off from both Cell Fire and Shortcuts.

Greeny said...

Yes..the 2nd scrubbing bubbles will beep.

It is the overnights not working, I got 2 packs and the randalls q beeped, she pushed it through but only one. I didn't notice till later that I got screwed outta the other $2. boohoo for me. Randalls won't always win though :)

Jill said...

Oh, you do so good! I always end up spending too much money at Randalls. I thought I was so prepared last night and I guess I did ok. Spent 28. oop, save 97. I think I got distracted trying to do the home for the holiday's deal again. I did get a lot of stuff, that I will use, but I left thinking did I really NEED all this if it wasn't free. I have so much to learn!

Anonymous said...

Has Randalls (all or just some) relaxed their policy on no coupon over 50% of value? My Randalls is still enforcing it, so I don't go there as much as I did. But maybe it's just mine and I should go to another? Help!

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