Thursday, November 12, 2009

2nd Annual "Drop & Swap" event on Nov 14, 2009- Katy

Sustainable Living, a non-profit environmental group that helps educate Houstonians about recycling, eating local/organic foods, using earth-friendly products to clean your home and generally how to live a 'greener' lifestyle, is having their 2nd Annual "Drop & Swap" event on November 14, 2009.

This is a free event and sounds like loads of fun and a great way to recycle and help reduce landfill dumping.
The 'drop' portion of the event is from 8am-Noon. Participants are asked to drop off electronics, computers, household batteries, cell phones, and much more to be recycled. This will take place in the parking lot. Inside they may drop off wearable clothing and usable household items that they no longer want/need.

The 'swap' portion of the event is from 4 pm-7pm where participants are allowed to shop through the dropped items and take home anything they want/need for free.
If you participate in the 'drop' portion of the event, you get to get into the 'swap' portion 1 hour early!
Sustainable Living will also be handing out “Green Scene Bags” to the first 250 people who come to the 'Swap' portion. These bags are re-usable totes and will include samples and discount coupons for green/environmentally-friendly/organic goods and services. There will also be information about green living.

There will be other fun events like 'Project Re-Use' where aspiring designers will use items of clothing that have been 'dropped' and re-make them into a brand new outfit. There will be a fashion show and the winners of the competition will win prizes.
Live music
Wine for purchase

Please see the SustainableLiving website for more information on this FREE event.


Nuestra Familia said...

Thanks for the tip! I went in the morning and dropped off some things and in the afternoon returned to get my bag with coupons. What a great way to recycle and trade!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

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