Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kroger Mega deal paid for my milk

On the way to pick up my kids, I realized we were going to need more milk. Stopped into Kroger and miscalcuated a little so could not give all my coupons.
Here is my transaction:
6 Ricola $1 each - 3 bogo coupon @ 2.19(cashier had them auto input) = -.57
1 Halls $1.29 (didn't give my coupon because I would have gone negative)
2 Gallons milk $1.99 each = 3.98
3 Chili $1.29 each - $2/3 = 1.87
1 Heinz ketcup $1.99 (didn't give my coupon because I would have gone negative)
3 Rolaids $1.49 each - $1 coupon(coupon beeps) = $1.47
6 Rolaids $2.19 each - $4/2 coupon(coupon beeps) = $1.14
Tax -1.09
-$10 Mega deal
Cost oop: $0.08


Anonymous said...

I was really disappointed when my Kroger cashier only took off 50 cents for my buy one get one free Ricola. He said the after mega sale price was 50 cents and that is why he only took off 50 cents. What do you think about this?

Sharon said...

I am fairly new at this and still trying to grasp how it all works. I understand that some stores will just take off the maximum amount the coupon says for b1g1f but many don't. What I don't understand this time is the subtraction of the tax amount. Can you explain how or why this happens? Thanks

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

In Tx, we pay tax on after coupon prices. If a coupon used on a nontaxable item beeps and has to be manually entered, most times the cashier will enter it as taxabele, hence taking off tax that was not charged in the first place. This often works like this with catalinas too. If I use a $10 catalina that was produced by a taxable item, it will remove tax, even if I am purchasing only non-taxable items.

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