Sunday, November 15, 2009

Duracell batteries - .40 per package

Kroger is running a catalina promotion on Duracell batteries right now. When you purchase $10 worth, you get a $2 oynso catalina, and when you purchase $20 worth, you get $5. Well, there are two things making this an even sweet deal. First, the 4 packs of AA and AAA and the 2 packs of C and D(one pack 9V) are on sale for $1.88. Second, the catalina machine is ready presale price of $3.39!
So, you only actually need to purchase 6 packs to earn the $5 catalina(6 x $3.39 = $20.34)
Here is how my transaction looks:
6 @ 1.88 = 11.28
- 6 $.75 insert coupons 11-2 P&G = $6.78
Tax .56
Total cost oop: $7.34 and earned the $5 oynso
So $7.34 - $5 = $2.34
You can also roll this deal, so if you need batteries, now is the time to stock up.
Thanks Courtneyrtr for testing the pre-coupon price for us :)


Chau said...


Most Kroger would only take 3 like coupons. How were you able to use all 6? Is there 2 types of coupons for the Duracell? :)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

I went to the Kroger on Briarforest/Eldrige Parkway and they took all 6 coupons without a word.

jules said...

My kroger only doubles 3 like, otherwise they take as many as I have at face value. Also the catalina here in Humble did not print the coupon, I ended up returning all my batteries.

Courtney said...

Jules, are you sure the cat machine was working? Did you receive any other cats for your transaction?

Savvy Addy said...

Negative on the Catalina for me to - I even asked for them to check and see if the Cat machine was broken. Missed out on this one!

Anonymous said...

Is this deal still going on?

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