Friday, November 13, 2009

Got my Jennie-o 14.5 lb turkey pratically free

Kroger has a GREAT sale on Jennie-O Turkey this week. With an additional $20 purchase, the Jennie-O turkey is just .27/lb. To add to that great deal, I still had a $5 coupon off the purchase of any Jennie-O Turkey Store product! (This was a home mailer from an online promotion during the Biggest Loser)
Remeber my store doubles up to .50 and triples up to .39, 3 like coupons
Here is my breakdown:
3 Hormel pepperoni $1 each - .35 insert 11-1SS = FREE
2 Yakisoba $.99 each - .50 insert 10-18SS = FREE
1 Adolphus latin rice $1 - .35 IP (beeps) = FREE
2 Birdseye steamfresh rice $1.50 - .35 insert 10-18SS= .45 each
1 Birdseye steamfresh corn(not pictured) $1.50 - .35 insert 10-18SS= .45
1 Clorox 2 Bleach $6.89*
1 Jennie-O turkey $3.99 - $5 home mailer = -$1.01
1 Kroger gift card for $5(to get my required $20 purchase)
Tax .16
Total cost oop: $12.34
*I have a try me free rebate on Clorox 2 bleach so $6.89 coming back in rebates
**Just noticed there is a $1.50 Clorox 2 IP coupon here (could have been paid for my turkey, lol)
Still have the $5 Kroger gift card for future purchase
So $12.34 + .44(cost of stamp) - $6.89 rebate - $5 gift card = $0.89 cost!


grace said...

did you find the rebate for the clorex on the package or in the store.

Anonymous said...

i found one hanging on the product

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Grace, it was a hangtag on the product.

glenda said...


The Altman Family said...

Where did you find the pepperoni? My kids would LOVE that!!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

This particular package of pepperoni is usually located on a cardboard display in/near the produce dept. When it gets close to empty, they will place them in a bowl or planter type holder at the stores I shop. I found these in one of those planters near the expensive deli meat in the far corner of produce.

qrazy_guy said...

I read elsewhere about a new OYNO printing off the duracell, $2 oyno wyb $10 or $5 wyb $20. The batteries are on sale for $1.88 but apparently the cat is printed based on the original amount before the sale which is $3.49. So if you buy 6 that takes you past the $20 mark. I wonder if this would qualify you for the turkey as well?

6 packs of duracell @ 1.88 - .75 MQ P&G 11/1 - $5 cat oyno = $1.78 or about .30 / pack!

Great to know about the pepperoni and adolphus rice, I'll keep an eye out for that as well.

Anonymous said...

I received $2.00 back from the batteries and I bought 3 packs at the sale price of $1.88.

The Altman Family said...

Thanks Stephanie! I looked all over, but my store does not carry the pepperoni that your store does. They do sell Hormel, but only the packages over in the lunchmeat section. In the deli area, all they had was Boars Head. Oh well! I may try another store sometime soon.

Chau said...

The Altman Family,

I usuallly find the Hormel in the front area where the gourmet cheese are. It's not in the deli are. Hope that helps!

glenda said...

Do you by chance know how long the Hormel is on sale for $1 for?

I found it today and used my one coupon but forgot to check to see when the sale ends.

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