Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Target Halloween Clearance 90% off!

IF you don't read my facebook page you might not know that Target Halloween has gone 90% off!
I had gone at lunch to find the store only at 70% but since I had some $1/3 General Mills Target (10-21 SS) coupons, I couldn't pass up some Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Franken Berry cereal.
Well, when I purchased some I got a cat print out for $2 off 5 General Mills cereals
Combining them after that made for better than free cereal (or you can get more FREE which is what we did so we can get the box tops and donate the cereal).  Our store had a WALL of Boo Berry! lol

While going down the Halloween aisle to check for clearance is an obvious deal, you might want to also sneak over to mens wear.  At both stores I have shopped, the mens department has lounge pants and boxer shorts ringing up 90% and not marked clearance at all.  They should be easy to spot as they are obvious Halloween designs, but here are some pictures:
The 3 in this pic ringing up .59 are the vampire teeth(far right), the bats(orange ones) and the haunted house(bottom left purple ones)
These boxers rang up .89, the lounge pants $1.69!
Lucky my husband doesn't care what is boxers look like since I (and I guess all my readers now,lol) am the only one that sees them :P

Then head over to girls and infants and look to see if they overlooked these GREAT items:
The infant short sleeve(bottom left) was$1 and the others were $1.29!!!!

I didn't find any this time, but you might also want to check for plates, napkins, tissues etc that have a Halloween look to them.  Good luck and I would love to see pictures of the goodies you guys find!

Note: You will definitely want to find the goodies before Friday when they salvage.

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Alecia Chapman said...

I found a ton of chocolate candy 75% off in the main candy aisle. They had just mixed in back in with the regular candy. Look for the bags with Halloween sayings or leaves on the package. I found Kit Kats, Reese's Miniatures, Hershey's Kisses, and several bags of mixed chocolate candy. Most of them were 89 cents a bag, but some of the bigger bags were $2.39.

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