Friday, November 30, 2012

Coke Rewards - 12 days of Special Rewards

If you are a user of Coke rewards, now would be the time to perk up your ears and pay attention.
Starting tomorrow and going until 12-12,Coca Cola will have a daily special reward.  These rewards are usually at a much better exchange rate then the normal rewards so you will want to pay attention to them.
Hopefully there will be more details on the time of day they decide to release these gifts
Per SD these are the businesses on what day:

12-1 - $25 Walmart GC for 600 points (limit 1)
12-2 - $ 5 McDonald's GC for 90 points (limit 1)
12-3 - $10 Domino's GC for 180 points (limit 1)
12-4 - $25 Nike eGC for 500 points (limit 1)
12-5 - $25 TJMaxx GC for 600 points (limit 1)
12-6 - $25 Best Buy GC for 600 points (limit 1)
12-7 - 2 AMC movie tickets and 2 drinks for 470 points (limit 1)
12-8 - $25 Home Depot GC for 600 points (limit 1)
12-9 - $50 Southwest Airlines GC for 1200 points (limit 1)
12-10 - $50 Bass Pro Shops GC for 1200 points (limit 1)
12-11 - $20 Shutterfly eGC for 200 points (limit 1)
12-12 - Free 12 pack Coke coupon for 30 points (limit 4)

Thanks SD. Mom, I hope you are paying attention

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GlennJ said...

Thanks for the list Stephanie!

I usually horde my codes until they offer a double credit promo like the double points for Coke Zero codes last month, but might go ahead and "cash" all mine in. If today (12/1) was any example, these are bigger rewards ($25 Walmart gift card) at a steep (>50%) discount, but still relatively expensive (600) in terms of MCR points.

If you aren't able to nab one of these deals, consider saving up for a free year's subscription to All You. It's normally 333 points, but sometimes gets offered at a discount - like this past Wednesday when it was reduced to 125 points.

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