Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Heb shopping today

I had to run to HEB because I had a $10 off $30 purchase catalina from the previous P&G catalina and it expires today.  Well, I decided to see if it would also work with the $5 off $50 from Facebook (posted here) AND coupons!  My goal was to get as many free (or cheap) items as I could so the $15 worth of coupons would be used on the 2 items that were on my shopping list : bread and milk.
I think I did ok, here is how my transaction went

12 boxes of Ortega Tostada shells $1.25
-$1/2 Yellow B in store coupon (expires tonight!)
-$1 peelies (I have had these for MONTHS)
= - $3.00

3 Natures Own Honey Wheat bread $2.48 each

Bananas .78

2 Heb Nacho Chips $2 each

2 Bushs Cocina Latina beans $2.38 each
- free coupons from raok from a friend (thanks Daysi)

1 Fiesta Crushed Red Pepper $0.88

1 2 pack of Heb Filet wrapped in bacon $5.98
-$3 winetag from a raok from a reader (thanks Jamie)

2 Central Market Organic milk $4.98 each

3 Budget Saver Monster Popsicles (only pictured one) $1.98
-free homemailer coupons from filling out form on manufacturer's website(thanks Christy)

$54.74 before coupons

$8.04 oop

I was able to hand over the $5/50 first, then I gave them my $10/30 and then all my manufacturer and store coupons :D

I know many of you will not have the freebie coupons I have but I am doing this post to show a lesson.  One thing I have learned in the years I have been couponing like this is to not run out and "burn" a free coupon the day or even month I get it in the mail.  I HOLD those suckers for three reasons:
1. For transactions such as this one to get my total up to a $ amount to use another reward coupon(or earn one)
2. To save for bogo sales so I can get twice as many free :D
3.To save for a register reward or ECB deal to turn them into a money maker :D

For those of you that still have the Maruchan Yakisoba are still .50 so free with 10/14 SS coupons
The Milani makeup had a $2 coupon and items as low as $2.87

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Kasi kirby said...

But you missed ne a 55 cent off fiesta spec coupon from the 8/10 red plum.

Stephanie Jensen said...

You are correct that I could have used that coupon too but I know from experience the $3 beef tag is coded for the spice causing one to beep when used together and I was in a hurry so had no time for beeps :D

Anonymous said...

Great post

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