Friday, November 30, 2012

Shop Your Way Rewards - Free MONEY

It was my day off so I have been piddling around the house, cleaning my email and reading Slickdeals.
While there I notice someone mention Shop Your Way Rewards and FREE CREDITS.  I signed up for a Shop Your Way Rewards when they first came out but I have to admit I rarely have a use for it since it is for Sears, Kmart and LandsEnd (there are NO Kmart's in Houston)
Well, imagine my surprise when I stumbled on a thread talking about random bonus credits showing up in members accounts, essentially resulting in FREE money in one of those stores for just being a member!
So I logged in and sure enough, I have $5 worth of credits (5,000) and I know I have NEVER used my card because to be honest I lost the card and my password until I dug when I read this thread, lol.

From what I have been reading the credits vary but all expire on 12/3 so if you have an account, check it!

Now to find something at Sears for $5 :D

ETA: Is it ironic that 3 minutes AFTER I did this post I got an email from Shop Your Way telling me they added $5!  Do they go alphabetical and are just that slow? lol

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Juliana said...

I discovered this too and if you join the free trial of shop your way Max you get free shipping for a couple of months with no need to enter credit card and no auto renewal. My daughter loves the band Big Time Rush and Kmart has carries this line of licensed items so I have one item at a time shipped for just a few $$ each time they give me a bonus. I have also entered some of the sweeps and Sears has had some good sales lately so I have earned some of my own points too. I was disapointed when Kmart left the Houston area now I can still get some of the deals. Good for Sears in trying to stay competitive right?

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